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Help Needed. Electrical?

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So story goes, had just started driving home (8-10km drive) and noticed the speedo wasn't working (km/hr), then when I was nearly home the etc light came on and it went into limp mode, luckily I was only 1km from home, so I just limped home.

Once home I turned it off, locked it, then unlocked it and started it, it started fine, I reversed down the driveway and drove back in and everything is working fine again.

Does anyone know what's going on?

Will be seeing a mechanic 2moro, last service was only 600kms ago, battery and alternator replaced about 5000kms ago

It's a bf2 f6 ute.

Any help will be mu hoy appreciated

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Sounds kinda like the abs module has shat itself. Was it just the speedo not working or entire dash.

Do u have the facilities to scan for codes?

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BF F6 ute here, did some strange things with the speedo for a while. Intermittent; but I think I found a loose earth and after Ive torqued it back up everything seems good.  Can't say that was the exact cause however, I think mine was a canbus fault as it didnt throw a code. 

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