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After nearly 6 months, the wiring is completed and installed in the car. I cannot begin to describe my feeling of joy and relief. I really feel like crying..   I know that some will wonder w

I get back home next Wednesday and I hope to hook straight into the wiring of the engine management system, My man Scotty, has found all the required plugs and pins at www.efihardware.com. So we've d

I have been very busy of late, so not much has changed. I'm waiting on Strecchlon (Vacuum form plastic) to arrive, so that I can skin some carbon onto the dash spears and console parts.  Here is a pic

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I put the old rocker cover on and ran the old girl. It runs nicer with the GTR coils...


I can't wait to be the FG cover back and push it to the limit. With any luck, I'll move up a bracket or two. 😄

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I drove the car for the first time in around 18 months. The thing is an animal.


Puffy, you're cheating. You know that I have a handycap (SS). Well, you have as long as it takes for the rocker cover to come back from chrome. You might make it yet...


On 21/04/2021 at 8:09 AM, Tom Tucker said:

@HI PSI how do you rate the platinum kit for the R35 coils? Worthwhile upgrade?

It fits nice and works well. It's a lot better than the CDI.


Worthwhile- I think so, especially if you're chasing power.

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I finally receive the rocker cover back from chroming. My excitement around receiving the cover was short lived. I am absolutely disgusted with the product that I have received, especially for the price paid. I am that downhearted that I don't even want to take pictures of it. :nyyaah:


I was so looking forward to going for a drive.... What is it with businesses these days?


Forgot to add that some new shoes arrived. Dunno what they're like. But I guess that I'll find out...



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Pretty much... This will give you an idea of what I'm dealing with...


This was his response.


"With all due respect ----- all the deep pits you see are the deep casting pits.
We do not keep digging into them ,,, usually that does more damage than good".
Thank you 







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Yeah that would good from afar but not so much up close. To be fair, a paint job or anodizing etc only looks as good as the prep allows. Were they supposed to prep it too?

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On 15/07/2021 at 8:25 AM, k31th said:

pics of golf? :P how much power? ;)

260kw/350hp at the wheels just got a downpipe, intercooler and fuel pump - makes for a very fun daily


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