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Fuel System And Cam Upgrade

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hey guys

ive just upgraded my turbo to a gtx3582 on my auto fg xr6t

but the guys at mtq stuffed up the gate mod and boost cant be controlled below 18psi

and 18psi is way to much for the stock fuel system

so im going to go a plasmaman surge with twin 044s or walbro 460's ready for e85 when it come to townsville

but the cam chain guides are worn out so while ive got it apart I wanna do the oil pump and a nice set of cams

ive gotta few questions

is it worth it going for twin pumps ive hurd ill have to change the fuel reg

if I go the twin pumps should I go the fuel rail as well I plan on running e85

and whats the biggest cams I can run with the auto and stock converter

do I need to change the intire oil pump housing and or just the gears

short term plans are to run 19-21 psi on 98 fuel and around the 400-420kw mark with a mid to high 10sec 1/4mile

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For E85 to be safe you'll want the twin pump setup (assuming you've chosen external surge option), fuel reg, fuel rail and all teflon/ethanol compatible fuel lines. Also best to upgrade the intank aswell if you haven't already.

As for the oil pump, you can either purchase a complete race oil pump or buy the oil pump gears and modify the stock pump housing.

BTW I think you're posting in the wrong section.

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