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Yeah cheers. Haven't been down again as it's just too hot. When I can be bothered I'll head down again. I'm dirty I'm missing power cruise this year. Damn friends and weddings.

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Update. Fitted a gtx and a gfb boost controller. Got to admit, just playing with it on the street they should have been my first mods lol. Boost controller is awesome fun to play with . Hopefully get it on the dyno this week to see how it goes.

Supriesed how low I can get the boost as well. Gate pressure is around 16psi

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Tight squeeze


After couple hundred Kay's


Cradle out


Car off the ground for cradle out


Battery relo


Tow dutys


Powercruise breakdown


Powercruise fun.

Few extra photos of the life of BZM

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For how often I come on this forum I hardly update this.

About 4 weeks ago my clutch has finally had enough. 4th gear wide open throttle it slips at peak boost with the 285's on. Luckily I don't use 4th much,and 3rd under power it still turns the tyres before the clutch slips.

Shows u how much torque these things produce when the boost is wound up. For reference the tyres turn at about 22psi of boost in 3rd and it slips the clutch at 26 in 4th.

With this I threw some 205/17's on to have some fun. F#ck me. Been working on some 3rd gear power skids from a stand still even with the unhappy clutch. Dump 3rd then grab 4th a little way out and with the Speedo pointing towards 200 I was getting scared before it run out of power, and the marks were well over 200 m long.

Clutch is still unhappy but it is fine till I save the coin to go to a decent twin plate. Undecided between a extreme I can get for 1600 or almost 2200 for a dcs. Extreme claim there clutch good for 1200hp but I don't know how much abuse it can handle. Talking ceramic at a minimum here and even looking towards the carbon series. I wouldn't mind rebuilding it every 20k or so as long is it grips like a mofo.

One of the reasons I took the 20's off is the pitting in the face as in the below photo. post-47097-142787790046_thumb.jpg


Anyone have a cure? I think it was from rocks hitting the rim. It was clear coated but I couldn't polish it out. I then removed the clear coat with some paint stripper and have since tried to polish out the marks. Still no good. I then used a pretty harsh cutting compound and a mechanical buff, still no good. Last efforts was a scrubbing pad, which is still no good.

Any ideas would be great.

I'm sure there's plenty more but that's all I can Remember for now.

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Wish my car was powerful enough to have such problems. Twice the boost I am tuned for!!

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Lol I guess.


Top of the gasket with some funny marks.


Between the gasket shows some blowby


Head which looks like the studs have pulled into the head. Can catch the lip with my nail.

Dunno what to do now

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E70, last time I was chatting with my tuner he runs them at 0.8 lamda and knows I am on e70.

If your referring to my dyno sheet that shows the graph leaning out on target boost I've never driven it on that setting through the boost controller.

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Lifting heads and E85 has been around for years

Have a think what u could change to suit

It all begins with the fuel

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