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Vale Craig Hodge (Rudiger)

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I cannot say anything more than what has already been said here about Craig. You are already sorely missed and it's just not going to be the same without you. :verysad:

Tab - what a beautifully written tribute to an absolute gem of a guy, who clearly touched the lives of everyone here who knew him.

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I swung by Craig's house a while ago on short notice to pick up a set of king springs he was selling on this forum. I didn't know him from a bar of soap yet we ended up spending three hours or so chatting and sharing our passion in these wonderful cars.

I only ever met Craig that one time even though I promised him that I would join in on the next snowy cruise that he was so enthusiastic about. A deep empty pit opened in my stomach when I saw this thread that I have not felt since the passing of my grandfather. That's the sort of impression Craig had left on me in our short time together.

I must admit that I never got around to fitting the king springs but believe me not a cent was wasted because I was able to meet this great man.

R.I.P mate.

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