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Bfii Heater Stopped Working

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Car is a 2006 BFII xr6t auto, dual zone.

Driving to work this morning all I got was cold air through the vents on both sides.

I've done some investigating at home.

Coolant is normal and no leaks anywhere.

I can hear the motors turning when I change temperature. All the air modes work fine.

With the AC on and one side at 18 and other at 30 there is a slight temp change between the sides. (surely both mixer shafts couldn't have broken)

Is there any way I can see or test of the HIM is working properly? (with out removing the dash)

Is there anything else I could check?

Thanks any help appreciated.

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After more reading in forums, it seems the thermostat connected to the zf heat exchanger could be the problem also.

I'll have to get under the car and feel the hoses connected to it.

Anybody on here come across this problem?

Also anybody have one sitting in the shed after their pwr install I could use?

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