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Dba Rotors

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9 hours ago, k31th said:

Or just wait until you're not 5000km from the car or get a family member/ or friend to measure the rotors on your behalf :)


not talking to me but.....




Apparently I cant drive to my house. I use to use Steve to do my car measurements when I was away....



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Hi guys, iv ordered a front set of 6 pot brembos and dba t3 4000 rotors for my fgx xr6t, once installed with new fluid do I need to go and bed them in? Like 3-4 medium brakes from 60kph but not  completely stopping then go do 8 to 10 harder brakes from 100kph without completely stopping then drive for 10 minutes to let cool down. Is this necessary to get the brakes sorted from the get go? Cheers guys

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