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Ba Xr6T Into The 400 Club

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Hi all, been a member for a while and owned my BA since 2010 but never ended up putting up a build thread. Its been a long road with the car so I wont bore you with all the details and get up to where it is today. Although in its life it has seen a few different power levels and with a change of tuner later im happy as a pig in sh*t with it. Here are some mods:

Xforce 4" s/s dump

Xforce 4.5" s/s cat

Xforce 3.5" s/s cat back

GCG ported housing and larger flapper

12 psi actuator

Crow valve springs & retainers

Plazmaman 4" Race Airbox

Battery relocated to boot

Plazmaman 2.5" Hotside piping

Rapid V2 Intercooler with cold side piping

Custom Throttle body relocation

Plazmaman Surge with Holley Dominator 1400 fuel pump

Aeroflow fuel rail

Tuff Car Parts 1000cc Injectors

Turbosmart 1200 Fuel reg

-8 Braided fuel lines

Direct Clutch Services Twin Plate 1000hp Race Series Clutch

MGW Short Shifter

It was tuned at Forced Performance and Tuning in Toowoomba back in April and made 362rwkw on bp98 and 430rwkw on united e85. When we were tuning it though Jamie noticed in the power runs the valve springs were going soft (already had a set of crows in which didnt even last 18 months) so ive replaced them with another set of heavier crow springs and retainers.

Also the clutch wasnt even 12 months old and the alloy csc I put in had cracked and leaked fluid everywhere meaning the clutch was out last month being sent away for a rebuild. So Its on run in at the moment and ill be going back down to get the tune double checked in march then itll be go time at the drags again.

At this stage I dont have a lot more plans for the car but ive said that everytime ive gone to a new power level and it more crap just keeps getting done lol so heres a couple pics of the car anyway.






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Thanks bud, nah live up in Gladstone so just run up at benaraby. I took it a couple times through the year but just little sh*t going wrong stopped me from goin an 11. Did a low 12 with no drive from 1/8th mile when the clutch was slipping. So with it all working should go easy high 11's

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Poor plastercene rods love a good hiding lol Looks good matty & will be good to see how it goes down the track now the little gremlins have been soughted

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Yeah there great, whenever they bend I just pull them out and mould them back into shape and go again haha yeah cant wait to finally have a decent crack at the strip.

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Gday mate, nah just factory 6 speed trans and motor internally is stock as a rock except for valve springs. My engine is a bit of a freak though it seems as when I did my 98 tune it made 360rwkw relativly easy without leaning on it hard at all. But I decided to go e85 for bigger power as its a little more forgiving and touch wood its been good to date. Biggest thing is if your choosing to push a ba motor is to give it every fighting chance so all good parts and going exhaust, intake and cooler and decent fuel system and a quality tuner, my fuel system setup alone which was injectors, surge, pump, reg and braided lines was $2300 all up.

The motor must still be taking it as last night I gave it a 2nd gear roll on and it gripped up for once and then bang!



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It was only runnin 18psi on the 430kw e85 and 19psi on the 98 tune. It is overboosting at the moment to about 20psi now though as I installed a new turbo core and the actuator preload has increased.

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Not much has happened performance wise with the car recently but had the tune touched up last time I was in brisbane by Jamie at Forced Performance in Toowoomba and once again stoked with how it went.

I ran it at the test n tune here in benaraby a few weekends ago and managed to go an 11.43 @ 126mph with a 1.8 60ft and a 11.47 @ 126mph with a 1.7 60ft. I was stoked with how it went and the 60fts I was managing in the manual. On the last run of the night the the cv shaft had had enough and and snapped the outer shaft in the hub.

Heres a video of the run though. (Sorry for the sh*t sound quality, accidently left the sealed back on the go pro instead of putting the skeleton back on it)

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Well not too much to update on the car, but I did recently change from the throttle body relo to a plazmaman plenum.





Im headin over to Jamie at FPT this Friday to have the tune checked out to make sure everything is sweet and hopefully make similar power on a little less boost.

But the cars goin on the backburner for a while as I picked up my new toy the other day, so much more fun then the XR already lol


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