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G6E Mags Post Your Photos!

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Hey everyone, I have been trolling these forums in search of photos. I am trying to find a g6e or g6et with nice mag wheels. I'm really struggling to find them. I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction or maybe link some in here! I prefer silver and white cars, g6e or g6et. I have gone through 200 images in google, so I thought I'd get your help!

I attached some photos below to help get this started. Special note, I do not own those photos thus I have avoided number plate identifiers. Just photos I collected from google.

P.S. I really hate those default 18's on g6e. But don't mind the 19s.





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There is a fair amount of room compared to a few others I have seen. I cant get a 255 on the front though cos it hits the control arm. Have to stretch 245s. 275s on the rear could go 285 I reckon. Again, bloke at tyre shop said widths were the same front to rear. One day I will measure them up

Maybe a 30 offset perhaps? Rears are due to be changed ill get the tape out then. They fit and that's all I have cared about since I bought it

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Needs to be a ban of drive way shots on this site....

Git out in a nice location where you can actually see the wheels.

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What brakes you got behind those wheels?

looks good- loving the brembo's.

6 pots on the front and 4 pots on the rear. Cheers

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