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Warranty Thuds, Clunks, Creeks And Vibration Getting Fixed


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Looks like a lot of people having the problems was having until now after just going back and back until they here'd what I was hearing and feeling.

If anyone has some info. I might need please feel free to as I'm get a little confused with it all.

I dropped my FG XR6T 2012 30k km of at ford service to have them look into some clunk creeks and vibration I've notice, they have had it for 3 days and Im picking it up today. So far they have told me that they have done a wheel alignment, check and tighten the handbrake and machined the disk but I'll have to go back in 1.5 to 2 weeks as they have ordered in from Melbourne and new tailsharft and diff bushes.

All under warranty as I paid for the hand break and alignment last time I dropped the car of.

So what do I need to know when I pick up the car today. And is there something I sould get them to check or do when I take it back to get the tailsharft and bushes done?

Also so can someone tell me how many diff bushes there are?


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I'm got my 2012 FG booked in next week for similar issues, when I drop the clutch I get massive clunks, traction control off same deal. Feels like the rear wheels are bouncing and not spinning, Ford dealer looked at me like I was mad when I explained it. Was this the same issue you had? I'm finding it hard to get any info as the mech's at my local ford have a combined age of 14....,

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Well my FG XR6T Clunks and Thuds when I let off the throttle after having the gas down a bit while its making power, most people here said its normal for FG's to do that and no real explanation has been given why they all do that. When I took to ford dealer they said all bushes are good and that updated FG bush is on my car.

Other times when the rear bushes wear this clunk will get abnormally bad which means diff bushes needs replacing.

Does anybody have more info on this?

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ford driveline.

it sucks.

mine has so much lash its not funny.

if I shut the throttle hard, I put the clutch in at the same time, then ease the clutch out. if not, it sounds like something is going to break.

might try a new shop soon, and see if they are more helpful.

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