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2014 FH Falcon


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Reminds me of the AU debacle (they tried every thing to make it a salable vehicle) and how Geoff Polites changed the game with the BA, which has now amounted to squat.

Good management with a passion drive and focus on Australian automotive manufacturing and not just the bottom dollar.

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I love the posts where someone takes a single aspect of a car and hunts the internet to find a close comparison.

What's the point?

I quite like the design. It shouldn't be much of a surprise. It ties in closely with the global design trend and the teaser picks from way back when were enough to give the basic shape away.

I hope it does well, but I think it won't. The stigma of the pullout will stay with them until the death knock sounds.

I tip my hat to Ford for putting in the effort, and money into the final Falcon probably knowing full well that it was going to come at a loss.

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And mechanically fantastic?

Doesn't look as polarising as the AU whale face :)

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