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Pics Of 275's All Round For Circuit

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No, definitely not. 

Public school kid here.

BMW 'cause cheap 1 series, I worked hard (now nearly 50yo)...….and I always wanted one.

Wanted an M2 but too expensive and the kids don't fit.

Do you now have more respect for me now knowing my socioeconomic status?....:)

Owning a beemer now, I definitely feel more inclined to try and drive with extra courtesy to alter driver perception.


Blew a water pump a few laps in last week and that was it for my day.

 (Towed to Goilburn for the fix)

The 295 40 18 profile hoosier R7's grip was off the charts though.

Even with the rake angle change (higher rear - putting more weight over the front), the car still seemed planted in the back end, even in slow corners without the wing working.


Please load pics if you get a chance.





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loaded pics as requested

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Thanks mate.

To be honest, I never got a chance to put the throttle down to test at the end of the straight.

Only got a few warm up laps then temps peaked. Came out for 2nd session and water pump blew after the out lap.

The car won't feel as quick with the larger rolling dia rears in theory but they seem hook up very well.


I'm there again on Monday 11th to test.

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Heading to the Pedder's Supersprint series this Sunday, August 19th. Bulletime is competing also.


In class with the Evo's!


Class M – Modified turbo, supercharged and 4WD vehicles, there are no restrictions on modifications or tyres. Cars are encouraged to have roll cages but this is not a requirement. Any car with slick tyres will be placed in this class.




On 6/6/2018 at 6:25 PM, OZYWALKER said:

Love your work man.
Did you have any issues with the different rolling diameter of the tyres?

To answer your question, yes. 

DTC fault mode comes on as well as ABS faults, but fine when Stability control turned off.

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That's piss poor on the insurers part.

I'm a *beep* with insurers for that reason when it comes to claims. Only do it if it is completely necessary and if it is I don't leave the car alone with them. Bloody grubs.

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3 hours ago, nelsonian101 said:

Bad news. 

Car was written off after the Hail storm. 😞

Was a full on journey.

Over 10 years.

Learned a lot.

Now have a BMW M140i 5 door hatch.


Is race car. Who cares about hail..

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31 minutes ago, nelsonian101 said:

Not me selling the parts on Facebook.

Bloke who won the auction is.


just assumed it was you, where did he get all the info from I doubt he would know whats in it. 

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