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Mustang Returns To Oz

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Is their room in the back for 2 baby seats?

Serious question.

Or is it a real hassle putting kids in baby seats from the front door?

I have a wife and 3 kids and this may be my next work, circuit and dad taxi car.

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I hope we only get the V8 as they say. A four cylinder Mustang would be gayer that a handbag full of rainbows.


You'll only find me in a Super Snake

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They will sell. They sold a fair few 6 cylinders back in the 60s.

No they won't as people are abandoning the Ford brand not the cars they sell.. Mustang will fail here don't you worry.

Also GMH made a V8 and 6cyl Monaro back in the 60s and 70s.... The modern day V6 Monaro was a massive fail while the V8 Monaro was a hit...

Remember this post when the Mustang fails!!!!!

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No proud Australian should buy this car. The way its being presented to us is at best insulting.

"hey we've systematically screwed you guys so you can't make or sell your own vehicle but look how good this thing we made with unlimited resources is"

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Top looks like a cross between a porsche and a nissan, quarters look like a cross between an Aston Martin and a Hyundia.....front is just butt fckin ugly along with the ass end and the interior that looks like a left over from the 60's but in a fat bloated way.

Ford US can EABFD.

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