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Mustang Returns To Oz

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I hope we only get the V8 as they say. A four cylinder Mustang would be gayer that a handbag full of rainbows.


No proud Australian should buy this car. The way its being presented to us is at best insulting. "hey we've systematically screwed you guys so you can't make or sell your own vehicle but look how good

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:w00t2: so bought a new Sony Bravia in the Boxing Day sales and been recently aquainted with watching YouTube on the big telly O M G.


So he's what I watched randomly surfing YouTube by just voicing Ford into the telly search function (yep TV has voice recognition ...)  keep an eye out for Lisa Moreno :giverose:


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yer saw the updated release.


too bad they softened the front up looks less aggressive now. 


I dont get why they did this, there are people still waiting for the current model who have been waiting. ridiculous! 

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