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Mustang Returns To Oz

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I hope we only get the V8 as they say. A four cylinder Mustang would be gayer that a handbag full of rainbows.


No proud Australian should buy this car. The way its being presented to us is at best insulting. "hey we've systematically screwed you guys so you can't make or sell your own vehicle but look how good

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I'm sorry but to take away the Falcon and give us a Mustang. How f*cking insulting. Heritage aside the Falcon is a far support car.

f*ck to America. Stick your Stars and Stripes up your stinky asses.

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Yeah I've heard that Europe are getting the 4cyl turbo version.

Whether people jump or not, new people will join when the stang comes in. The look alone is something this new era of drivers will go for.

I'd love one, the V8 version (depending on what it ends up being like), but don't think it will happen in the next 10 years.

Falcon will be missed but Mustang is the next most Iconic Ford init? Nothing will truly replace the Aussie Falcon but happy to still see muscle in their line up in the country.

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It seems that Ford doesn't have ANY replacement for the Falcon.

I believe Ford will simply continue to import the Focus,Fiesta,Ranger,Mondeo and other SUVs along with the Mustang and

maybe "play it by ear" as to what car will eventually replace the Falcon.

If the V8 Mustang will be a 5.0L NA it should have at least have the same power level as the current Boss Mustang of about 335kw.

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I hope we only get the V8 as they say.

A four cylinder Mustang would be gayer that a handbag full of rainbows.


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I don't wanna sound like a queer or nothing.

But I think mustangs are kick ass

I agree..if the stangs come down under,im selling the f6 and buying a super snake no doubt!

absolutely orgasmic cars!

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3 kids across the back seat of a stang and do 5000klm road trip doesn't sound great. This is where the falcon excelled. Grunt of a muscle car and space of a big tourer

Its 2x2. So that rules me out with 3 kids.

I always thought the tauras was supposed to be the falcon replacement...

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I'll sign up. V8 only. Even if the Falcon was still going I'd get one. Don't need a back seat. Rode in a GT in the US earlier this year. Gotta have one when they come here. Price for performance versions needs to be in the range covering XR6T through to GTP and they will sell. The new look of the next year model will be great, some artist impressions already showing up on the web. Taurus also looks good in performance trim, They may bring both models here. The need for a 4 door performance cruiser like Falcon may be waning. Which is the reason they are dropping Falcon (and will eventually drop Commodore) in the first place. However importing them is different to building them here. If they sold as many Mustags here as they are Falcons (even now) Detroit would be pretty happy I think. Next 6-12 months will be interesting.

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