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what happened to your mate @arronm ?

Karel Abraham is in front of him on the grid,  wow

and his team mate is 6 positions ahead on the grid!!!


I think he must be turning the Yamaha into what the Ducati was after he had finished with it :stirthepot:

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what a load of crap

there is no doubt that Rossi is a great rider but he cant develop a bike to save himself

when Lorenzo left Yamaha at the end of 2016, the Yamaha was the BEST bike in the paddock 

less than 18 moths later the Yamaha is a POS 

in the same time the Ducati is now the BEST bike in the paddock (thanks to Lorenzo's brilliance)

Like it or not, Rossi is Yamaha's problem 

not Yamaha, like Rossi and his one eyed supporters think

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I went for a ride up my favorite set of twisty's today but didn't stop to take any pics cos too hot
had a very near miss with a tourist in a hire car
thankfully it was a first gear corner, but I was getting up it
tourist decides to stop 3/4 the way round the bend to do a right turn into a lookout on the other side of the road
he was sitting stopped blocking the entire lane, waiting for a car coming in the opposite direction
I ended up inches from his drivers door looking him directly in the eyes
I think I yelled "bloody wanker" at him before I rode around him 

any ways, I washed and waxed my baby when I got home :-)





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Lol - they're (MotoGP) showing the 2003 Australian race on FB at the moment - the one where Rossi got the 10 sec penalty and still won.


Was there and was my mate that caused the penalty (he was working the fence (cop) and had the flag marshall engrossed in a conversation instead of letting him pay attention and wave the flag) 


Rossi saw no flag so moved past. Next marshal was on the ball and had the flag waving.


Lol - memories

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