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thursdays the big day, im going to get it tuned

this is my first high performance car BF 6 speed

it currently has a

.xforce cat back

.f6 intake

.K&N filter

.Diff serviced last month + oil change and coolant flush

.turbosmart dose pipe with turbo smart BOV

now before then I want to get the most for the tune, been told that by dad to leave it alone but yerh anyway

my question is

machanic said I should change spark plugs, and do the oil feed line mod or something like that

plus I have a 4inch cold air box, and a after market cooler, no pipes or battery relocation kit


q1. what spark plugs

q2. this oil line thing

q3. battery relocation kit?

and finally pipes for the intercooler (can get hands on a FG F6 one if there is a way to get that to fit?)


is this the oil line thing?

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fg f6 pipes won't fit

post a pic of the cooler or what type it is and we can tell you what will/won't fit

stock plugs gapped to 0.8mm

Change the cat too

oh and with a mouth like that and a tongue ring you can expect some discounts from Stainless on a battery relocation kit ;)

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I am comfortably inside the 300rwkw area with the following mods on my BFII:

Get a good cooler - Plazmaman, Process West, Nizpro come to mind

Pipes to suit cooler (I have stock crossover over engine still, no battery relocation/airbox just F6 lower snorkle)

Bigger injectors - at least 42lb Bosch Green Top

Intank Fuel pump upgrade - I have a Walbro GSS294 (left this to my tuner)

Free up the exhaust - a high flow cat may be enough but I blew cash on a full system with slightly larger dump pipe

Most important is PICK A GOOD TUNER according to results on here, not what some bloke you know reckons. Shops that are great on Holdens for example might stuff up your XR6T or at least tune it poorly.

The tuner can worry about the spark plugs, if he knows how to tune he'll have a preference for plugs and gap setting.

Optional but strongly advised is surge tank set up, auto box freshen up (at least oil change), and ID1000 injectors (42lb only good for low 300's)

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Earls inline turbo oil line filter. It's a replacement for the factory setup which allows for easier cleaning of the inline oil filter that runs from your engine block to the turbo.

The factory setup is known to block up (stock filter is located in the side of the block and is a pita to get to) and cause your turbo to go. The kits cost around $150 from GJ drivelines + installation. make sure you get the newer version as the older version had some issues with leaks or blockages, I can't remember which.

Considering the money people spend on performance mods/tunes this kit along with allowing your turbo to cool down after a bit of stick prior to switching it off is a cheap way to maximise the life of the turbo on your car.

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