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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)


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Ok so this has been a bit of an epic project. After spending countless hours looking at literally hundreds of engine bays I finally saw one that had the right look and decided to get it done. Initially, living in Brisbane I looked at local tuners but one day I just said F it, we’re going to Adelaide. Having lived in the bush most of my life, driving long distance to get sh*t done never phased me so I rang Aaron and asked him if he was interested. Within about a nano second he said yes and the planning began resulting in what you see here. Aaron’s passion for he work is unbelievable. I have never regretted my decision and would do it again tomorrow. 

The job took 8 months to complete. I picked up the keys 10 days ago and drove 2,500 k home, visiting family on the way. The car ran faultlessly the entire journey, achieving the incredible fuel usage of 8.8 litres/ 100k which, considering the hardware and firepower under the bonnet, is quite remarkable. So a very big thank you to Aaron and Mrs Jet for an amazing result. The best Christmas present anyone could ever receive.

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Hey mate 


No unfortunately I’ve only done aftermarket Gas systems on turbo barras so I can’t say specifically what it might provide 

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