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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)


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Is LSPI a thing in barras?


Get a cheap motor as suggested above. Enjoy some traction with a bit less power, will still be a fun drive. Can always rebuild / go big when the money comes back.

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Had the privilege of doing a different type of build for a very good mate of mine recently and worth a mention even though it’s not a Falcon… Still a turbo six…. And what a turbo six it is !


Nissan R32 GTR 1989 - RB26 dead factory engine just has some K&N pod filters and a Cat back 3.5* NDRFAB SS System


Old mate Taylor has had is FG Turbo ute modified with me over many many years and his Uncle/Scotty @Panda Eyes has his BA Turbo done through me and Scottys young lad Patrick has now his Victory Gold FGX XR8 done on the last page too… Could say it’s a family affair haha but I was only too happy to be a part of this build but it was only the right thing to do this with a very seasoned GTR expert which is my very good mate Anthony CeCe from “Tunezbycece”. I was very lucky to be apart of a unique build and learnt some very interesting tips/tricks/trade secrets to deliver this sensational set up including being “all in” on the tune on the day 
Having arguably the best in Australia let me join him was seriously awesome and I can’t thank him enough :) 


So on with the vehicle it rolled up a very normal 218rwkw with the factory 6800rpm limiter and a bucket load of fuel on 98 so……. 

Taylor wanted to stretch the limits of the unopened bottom end assembly into what most know is about 400-420 AWKW on the RB26 on E85 with no more than around  25psi. Building up a package to meet this requirements meant either a awesome set of twin turbos or a big single of lesser quality/cost. The choice to go quality over quantity was the right choice IMHO and that lead us to this brilliant list. 

X2 Garrett -5 2860 Turbochargers Complete
Tomei type B 260deq 9.15mm lift cams
Tomei Cam cap studs

Head machined/decked/VSS

ARP 2000’s Head studs 
Injectors 1000 Xspurt drop ins
Walbro 460|ph pump
3 port mac valve
X2 Tomei Dump pipes - Cast polished 
Nitto turbo manifold gasket and studs/nut kit

Nitto head gasket 
Oil ULX110 15w40
Coolant 100 Plus 
Koyo Alloy Radiator and cap
HD wring for fuel pump and relay 

HD injector upgrade wiring kit 

Water pump 

HD metal idler

HD tensioner 

HD Gates Timing belt with CF 

R35 Platinum Racing Products Coil kit 

E85 single tune on Link Protocol 


Did a best of 422 RWKW but settled in at 417 RWKW @ 23.5psi with 8000rpm limiter. 

























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Yeh really branching out Keif lol


In other news……. Roll Racing #25 was held on Saturday night and a good array of vehicles attended and some of my regulars were out having fun and a massive congratulations to Matty @MCW who you all might remember I just tuned his new Gen 3 Pulsar 3584rs to 583rwkw was out and absolutely killing it all night to the point where he managed to pedal his beast to the Grand final run to come 2nd place against a very strong, Very fast VL Turbo set up for Drag ! 

Knocking the super iconic Dash green FG turbo ute [PSI JUNKI] out in the Quarter finals and a Beast of a BF F6 ( G45/Glide ) in the semifinals Matty went on to take the silver and what an absolutely amazing effort as it takes not only reliability but consistency as a Driver and honestly for a Genuine Daily set up vehicle this was a massive win in most punters books :) 


The Monsta Torque Stage 5 Transmission has now done over 10,000kms and absolutely flawless still with all these many many events under it’s belt now ;) 


Im so happy & excited to just be a part of this journey with Matt and what a privilege it is to have vehicles making podium at a very heavy competitive event these day’s ! 

Enjoy the videos ! 











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He did a good job of driving it, straight ripping as soon as the light went green.


I'm looking forward to getting back there to have a yarn and some fun, win or lose :)

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Hey thanks fellas. Unbelievable night to be honest. Track ended up pretty slippery by the eliminations and most guys were having traction issues in the cold temps plus my car felt like it was making more power than it ever has. For example the 275/40/17 Hoosiers I'm running at 18psi have never even spun in second under WOT at a dozen or so roll racing events until Saturday night (they're not worn out either). About midway through the practice rounds they'd no longer hold second then for a few runs prior to the elims I had to start pedalling it through third as well. In the final I had to get off it once through second and twice through third. That VL still would have spanked me (he knocked me out of the elims two events back) but even without wheelspin I reckon I'd have still been done by 4 car lengths at least. He's the same power as me but on track weight is 540kg lighter as I had my brother with me. I actually weighed it last event with no spare, jack etc but a full tank of E85 and it went 1819kg. My brother and I aren't little dudes. 

What I noticed as the night went on was that when a lot of the larger power, bigger turbo cars lost traction and got off the gas they'd then have to build boost to get going again. My smaller turbo was straight back on if I had to pedal it and was quicker off the mark on the green light as well. Keep in mind though that a lot of the heavy hitters weren't there and a few really quick cars had mechanical issues and either pulled out during the night or weren't at full steam (like PSI JNKI). 

Big thanks once again to Aaron and I also owe a lot to Typhoon as well as he was the one that put me onto Aaron after I'd been stuffed around by other tuners and had no end of issues. Car has been running sweet for a while now after Aaron ironed a lot of the bugs out of it and it does get driven regularly. I've put 20,000km on it in the last 18 months and I'll regularly do 500km rounds trips to Adelaide in it (I'm in country SA). 

It was a great night though and good to see 2 Barras in full weight falcons in the final 4 cars. I've got another motor getting built to handle 1500HP at the crank and I was planning on really winding this thing up when the new motor gets fitted but in all honesty I don't think I will after Saturday night 😂

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