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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Had the privilege but unfortunate to have Darrell back in after giving the limiter a bit if a bash in his FG Mk2 XR6T a few weeks back and completely lunched his factory oil pump gears and this lead a

Thanks for the kind words Dazza     Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocati

Most already know why we/I chose to give it up but for the rest who would like to wonder why we gave up a great little thing is because life is to short basically.My dad had a heart attack while playi

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  • 2 weeks later...

WhoooooHoooo !

Finally finished a pretty extensive build for old mate @Panda Eyes in the form of a BA turbo rebirthing lol and I’m excited to see it done and hopefully done well for a while to come…. 

Looooooooong Story shorten down is Scotty wanted to bring the old girl out of hibernation and spend a few coins on making her better than ever and obviously time and technology has moved forward so it was good to drag the beast into the current area of mods/Tuning. 

A long time ago she had around 360rwkw on a E85/98 mix using some Deka 60’s, Bosch 044 surge tank, big JD CUSTOMS Plenum ( pretty rare these days to see one ) all spun up tuned on SCT X3 on one of the most liberal D/D Dyno's in Adelaide, so far from accurate by todays standards… The task was to make her snappier from the “Get-Go” as it was a bit of a lag monster with the size of the plenum, go full E85 no more mixes, more headroom, latest technology PCMtech protocol and generally be a better vehicle all over. So we collaborated on ideas and mods that work and a game plan in mind to deliver a great package for Scottys BA XR6T ! 


Now it was a heck of a journey as all things sometimes just don’t go to plan and even with the best intentions things just happen and indeed it did… 

Got everything installed, base tune in the car and had been moving it from one side of my Driveway to another for testing of Drive Airflow targets in the tune when I decided to finally put it back onto the hoist to do literally the last job and that was to fit the new gauges… easy right… Well in they went, zero issues, started the car to check oil pressure and the bloody thing wouldn’t move, barely a cracker, moving from Drive to Reverse and everything in between it just wasn’t playing the game at all. Checked everything known to man and tested numerous things to find the so called previously built BTR to have had a decent failure. So opted to send it back to where it was built from ( Admittedly over 6 years ago and already over 20,000kms of use ) so they could check what was potentially their issues with the Box. As random as it comes but a tapered gear spline from a planetary set had cracked off and dropped then Jammed into the other gear set causing a near on complete failure right then and there on the Hoist … Had me buggered but Apparently Mike @ M/V Automatics said it can and has happened in the past so just some real bad luck to go with other information about the previous built box but I’m not going to go into that now as it’s a bit of a sore spot for Scotty right now. Anyways on and upwards with what now was a real deal set of mods to go into this low KM original BA Skinny Rod Turbo falcon ! 

So here’s the new parts list 


FG turbo intake manifold

FG turbo fuel rail

FG throttle body 

FG turbo pressure lines & check valves 

Genuine Ford gaskets

Genuine Ford coils 

Genuine Ford plugs 

Genuine Ford starter motor 

Genuine Ford fuel filter 

GFB Drop in Reg with gauge 

KPM Streetfighter 1000cc injectors 

Plazmaman Pierberg fuel pump kit to re birth a Process West UCST 

Plazmaman custom swage silicone joiners for cold side 

Aeroflow series 400 E85 hose & new clamps 

Metal T piece heater tap joiner 

cooling system flush with Nulon coolant 

Autometre Oil pressure gauge 

Autometre Boost pressure gauge 

SAAS twin pod cup holder 

HID ballast replacement 

New custom Plates [P4NDA] 

Hardy Spicer Centre bearing HD 

Hardy Spicer Uni Joint HD 

M/V Automatics Built BTR rated to 400rwkw with warranty & High stall 3000rpm converter 

Full custom JD TUNING ADELAIDE Tune with PCMtech software on e85 


Being a Full on factory Skinny Rod BA we all know they aren’t massive fans of big power and yes they can do it but we also wanted to be mindful somewhat on what it could do and couldn’t do…. @Panda Eyes was less sympathetic and had the whole let’s send this beast into the “Cool” category vs the “Just right” category for a BA turbo and despite my concerns around having to clean up a mess on the floor if it let go lol 😂 


Anyways on with tuning, The converter was doing a killer job and I had managed to dial in everything to what I felt was a very comfortable spot for the old girl and that was a near bang on 360rwkw @ 16psi of boost hard n fast ! 




Gave scotty the call and he said “Page Up” Bitches ! So in goes another pound of boost progressively across a few runs. Up at 383rwkw @ 17psi with max D/C on the gate from 4000rpm on  ( Actuator out of puff ) 




Decided it needed a touch more at the start to give it a bigger chunk more up top so dialled in another 0.7psi of boost earlier on and wammo 392.8rwkw and on like a bloody Freight train straight off the converter and held until a sweet 6150rpm until the ageing F6 valve springs ( Common Mod back in the day ) gave way and had a flutter in the deep end so I couldn’t spin it to the limiter 6350rpm which I’m sure would of given the magical 400 number but that’s “Iff’s n Butt’s” 




All said & Done bought it back a touch to the mid 380’s and sent her home to Scotty for what has been a hell of an emotional journey lol 


Considering the vehicle has a Rapid V2 cooler kit, UBI 3* and a twin 2.5 redback style exhaust system with twin cat’s and split pulse Dump pipe it went well especially through a High Stalled 4 speed auto which would of been robbing at least 25% drive train losses which really puts this engine up around near on 500FWKW / or at least 650FWHP in the old money, All in all not bad, Hopefully Scotty let’s us know what he thinks of it all ;) 

















AFTER’s ….























As you can tell on my face it’s a mix between happiness and stressfulness lol

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Pretty much hey lol 😂 


Considering 15 psi used to be the semi hard & fast rule for a BA turbo’s cramming in the best part of 18 psi straight on the hit takes a good roll of the dice and she’s held together 😈


And some people say I’m too cautious ….. 😜

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Picked it up last night- to a heavy rain evening.🙄


So today hit the road to see what she can do- well the super sticky Michelin PS4S did their best, but not even close to gripping in 2nd or 3rd, let alone 1st...


I can only assume in the warm weather, with decent road temp this thing will hook up. even still- holy heck this is impressive. 


As mentioned in Jets post there were some disappointments- a 'supposedly' built box wasn't that at all- with the box builder revealing there wasn't much of anything good in it at all. Oh well- Mike and the boys at MV Automatics have delivered a killer box- with a warranty to match, being we ended up under the 400 mark. If anyone is considering going E85- I'd say don't hesitate. 

The boost gauge moves so fast past the 15 mark, its hard to keep up. I saw 19.5 on the Autometer gauge today.


All in all this was to be a bit of a- as Jet put it at the start- 'birth day' for the old girl, who first saw 320rwkw way back in '09.

After a couple months (the fg manifold was on order for ages) and over 11k later, it's all worth it as it feels like a new car.


As I told my lad (modded fg2) and nephew (modded fg1 ute, and I must say a very tasty R32 GTR) when they started modding - "you play, you pay". that's true- but I want to play😈- so be it....


As is the usual response to Aarons work, approach and attitude- couldn't be happier with how he's been more than willing to help throughout the whole process- he even laughed when he called me to say my coolant t piece had let go and drenched him and his driveway 😅


Oh- and also the sexiest tuner in Adelaide- 'not a quote from Jet' 🙄

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It was great seeing you again Scotty! 

I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since I first met all you tear aways...

It’s great to see the girl get a birthday, even if it makes me nostalgic as heck having her over here 🤣

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15 hours ago, k31th said:

better have tow truck coverage :) definitely going to need it ;)

nice power @Panda Eyes

Interestingly enough when I bought it back in 2008 the fella said his mate who he bought it off had fpv rods put in it, but with no paperwork to back that up I could only assume that wasn't the case, and with my naivety of Barra turbos at the time thought nothing of it anyway. Plus I had already done the deal when he mentioned it, so he had no incentive to tell porkys. So who knows? All I can say is with the previous  tune, and seeing 21psi with it on occasion I would have thought it would have gone bang by now if it was in fact a skinny rod BA.

The previous tuner even ran off to get a torch to see if the engine numbers matched when it didn't go bang on the dyno :nyyaah:



Anyways the car's meant to be driven, and if it goes bang in will go an fg block, and we'll see what happens after that numbers wise. Its only money.... :yeahyeah:

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19 minutes ago, Panda Eyes said:

had fpv rods put in it

lol who would do just that if they had actually pulled the engine down?

what oil filter does it run? if it runs a non Z9-equivalent filter it's probably an 06-06/Tornado/Typhoon motor.

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6 hours ago, k31th said:

lol who would do just that if they had actually pulled the engine down?

Why wouldn't you? It'd cost stuff all, get it done in a weekend and give you a hella upgrade.

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Either way it makes no difference to me at this point. its made awesome numbers for a BA- as long as it does it with no issues I dont care what rods are in it. Jet said it would be interesting to see whats actually in it if it ever goes bang.

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On 20/07/2021 at 6:18 PM, Puffwagon said:

Mate the only looks I saw on your face were "please don't break" and " thank fark it didn't break" :roflmbo:


my exact thoughts haha

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Just want to say a HUGE thankyou yet again to the absolute LEGEND@JETURBO for getting me out the sh*te and getting my beast back on the road.

So a month or so ago my car all of a sudden developed a huge fuel leak, turns out one of the welds in my plazzy surge tank had cracked so had to get a tow from victor to pt adelaide! The next day I took it to my "trusty ol local mechanic" to fix it for me. Im not goin to go into how useless these cee u next tuesdays were so long story short they kept my car for 6 days, yes 6 days, for a 2 hour (their time frame) job just to take the surge tank out so that I could deliver it to aaron. Heres we he comes in, when my car was at mechanics I rang aaron and explained what happened and he offered straight away to sort it all out for me at no cost to myself, he even offered to come to the mechanics and take the tank out himself, what a guy right?! He even had to explain to the mechs how to take it all out and plumb the intank lines back up.The mechs took the tank out and I delivered it to aarons. He took care of all the shipping for me also. Although plazzy was delayed due to covid he kept me in the loop regularly for my piece of mind. Aaron got the brand new tank back for me at the start of this week, has put it all back in for me, all fixed, even drained my catch can and cleaned the filter, all in his own time and all at his own cost! He even offered to fix it knowing that he had cars to prepare for roll racing, again what a guy right?! So he has taken care of the entire situation for me of his own accord so that I didnt have to worry about 1 single thing!! WOW!! One last AMAZING gesture that aaron did for me was fill my whole tank full of E85 which as you peeps know aint cheap to do! Who does that right?!! Aaron does amazing!!!

Aarons dedication, care, professionalism, customer service is litterally second to none and I have never been to any mech/tuner that is even willing to go close to the lenghts that aaron goes to for his customers. It is truly remarkable and he is DEFINITELY one of a kind!!! I can not even begin to explain how truly greatful of aaron I am, not only as a tuner that is always willing to help his customers no matter what but as a deadset legend of a human being!!!

There are not many great people left in this world, but aaron my friend you are certainly one of the very few

Again cant thankyou enough for your help over these past weeks. THANKYOU


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My pleasure Dion ! 

It’s all part of the service @ JD TUNING ADELAIDE ;) 

Or I’m just a bloke who understands how these types of situations can affect people and their stresses around when a car is off the road. 

Sometimes even the best parts can have issues but the top quality suppliers will always back their products and I’ll back my customers in any situation especially when I’ve recommended it as it’s the right thing to do :) 


Safe motoring buddy ! 

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