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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Had the privilege but unfortunate to have Darrell back in after giving the limiter a bit if a bash in his FG Mk2 XR6T a few weeks back and completely lunched his factory oil pump gears and this lead a

Most already know why we/I chose to give it up but for the rest who would like to wonder why we gave up a great little thing is because life is to short basically.My dad had a heart attack while playi

Thanks for the kind words Dazza     Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocati

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I just asked my wallet how it feels about putting a th400 with aftermarket transfer case, custom driveshafts etc into my territory.


It took one look at me and ran screaming!

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If you have the Xforce twin 2.5 just put the standard rear muffler and pipes back on they will fit up if its the twin 2.5 
Unfortunately I have the 3.5 single damn it..
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It’s been full tilt lately but plenty of great stuff happening and I’ll keep it to a short update !

Had @david g6eturbo back in for the next level of mods despite only just finishing up his 3rd round with me less than a few months ago. Can’t argue with the man as it was time to take the next step..... The E85 step ! 

So with the previous tune dialled in at 395rwkw on 98 fuel it was time for some more top quality parts to prevent the next in line of potential breakage and as we all know... Do it once and do it right 


So I’ve installed the following on top of an already decorated Mods list a few pages back. 


Plazmaman UCST with Pierberg pump

Plazmaman HD wiring kit 

Plazmaman Twin feed fuel rail 

Turbosmart FPR1200 with glass gauge

Turbosmart fitting kit 

Aeroflow 300 series E85 lines 

Atomic HD flex plate 

TDSS Carbon tail shaft 1400HP rated 

Ti 2000F wrap 

High Temp painted heat shields on hot side 

Full tank flush out, New filters, 64ltrs E85 

ZF service with SYN TS 

JD TUNING ADELAIDE Full Custom E85 Dyno tune 


Request was to set up for roll racing as David wants to go out and have some fun and potentially let his young lad have a steer so the mission was to generate a good clean result with some form of tractability in regards to still being a single pegger diff. 
Absolutely a shocker of a day for tuning but as I say it’s always best to deliver a worst case scenario within a tuning environment as this means you can really cater for those hot days in the paddock when racing. The bonus is as always when you get the cooler days and nights you’ll instantly pick up that lost rwkw’s that you don’t see on the tuning day if it’s a stinker ;) 


And a stinker it was.... 41* with Industrial A/C units behind the Dyno fan ( x3 in total - only took a picture as I wheeled all but the last one out the way ) 


Anywhoo 450rwkw ( well 449.9 - derp ) on exactly 20psi with a very stout Torque figure. “IF” it wasn’t so hot I would of given it another pound and I have no doubts it would of delivered somewhere around 480rwkw easy but on the day it wasn’t too be. In the old money it made 603RWHP which isn’t bad ;) 



























Sorry No video on this one 😞 



Anyway onto a new forum member @dickbathurst who has been watching and looking at the work I’ve been doing and how I go about the care I put in on customer vehicles as I can be assured not just anyone gets to touch his cars and for very good reason ! 

Peter wanted a set of the best coilovers available for the falcon and we look to no other than Shockworks and one full set was ordered and I had the absolute privilege to install them in on Peters beautifully presented FG XR6T ZF with what seemed and looked like had 2000kms on the clock as it was seriously the best kept FG I’ve seen since they were brand new, I mean it has 140,000kms but from inside to out and once the bonnet was popped it came up and looked exactly like the day it rolled out of Ford factory ( My pictures do not do it justice ! ) 

Seriously a big pat on the back to Peter & his wife for keeping a iconic vehicle so well maintained and you know what after 12 odd years yes she deserves some mods now....... tastefully of course ;) 


So with no pressure at all to deliver in went the coilovers set to spec from Shockworks for optimal performance and comfort and whilst I was there completed a service for Peter using his requested spec oil ;) 


Came up amazing if I do say so myself lol, hopefully Peter might jump on and give his opinion of his experience with me as I do hope it was a positive one :) 

















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