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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Had the privilege but unfortunate to have Darrell back in after giving the limiter a bit if a bash in his FG Mk2 XR6T a few weeks back and completely lunched his factory oil pump gears and this lead a

Thanks for the kind words Dazza     Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocati

Most already know why we/I chose to give it up but for the rest who would like to wonder why we gave up a great little thing is because life is to short basically.My dad had a heart attack while playi

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Doesn’t even hook up on the track with sticky VHT and M&H slicks for 1/8th mile racing @ Steelcity today in Whyallah ! 

She’s an animal now .... 


Always the seasaw effect of more power 




Dyno Tyres just held on for the tuning but I’m not sure how much more they can cope with either so it’ll be Hub Dyno time soon 

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Amazing power, and it comes on hard!


Is it the turbo? Housing? that makes it laggy like that.

Can imagine it will suddenly shoot past others while roll racing, will humble a few high powered cars.

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1 hour ago, sixman said:

Amazing power, and it comes on hard!


Is it the turbo? Housing? that makes it laggy like that.

Can imagine it will suddenly shoot past others while roll racing, will humble a few high powered cars.

Yeah it needs a bigger stall converter. Currently only at 2400 looking at going 3800 ish 

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Had Dave back in for another round of Mods on his very well presented G6ET only after a few months but Dave probably has only put on 200 odd kms as it’s his weekend vehicle. Thought process was kind of why not and why not indeed ;)


On went the following .... 


Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582,T3,1.06,11.8psi actuator 

Plazmaman HD Valve springs 

Stage 1 Brake package includes DBA T3’s All round and DBA Street pads all round 

New 2nd Key coded and transponder paired

Powder coated ECU cover

Plazmaman Black overflow tank 

New black headlight swopped out 

Full custom Re Tune on 98 Fuel 


Finished up at 395rwkw / 530rwhp on 18.5 PSI boost 


Turned it into one hell of a street beast now and I think ol mate Dave is a happy camper :) 



















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Notifications stopped for some reason now im late to the party dang it.

Oh lawd Alex's ute sounds straight up demonic, amazing work. 

Whats the price tag on the stage one brake setup if you dont mind me asking Aaron?

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14 minutes ago, Tom Tucker said:

Nice one. Looks like its making 10psi around 3000rpm. I'm guessing you purposefully fed the boost in incrementally?

that's right mate, it’s a Non built Tailshaft vehicle so being mindful is all part of the deal. There’s a lot we can get away with and that just means some details need to be respected and spool rate is one of those ;) 


This is also why I tipped a bit more in up top where it’s comfortable to do so 

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Had Taylor back in for some maintenance items and some necessities as the old girl is getting up there now kms wise and what better time than to just do a big bunch of it in one shot hey !


The Harmonic balancers have always been an item of concern on the turbo falcon and as the years and kms move along they’re becoming more required to be replaced with a good solid item and my Go To is Always Atomic ;) 

In went the following 


New Atomic HD balancer and Bolt

New Belt 

New tensioner

New idler

Major service 
New exhaust Gaskets 
Plazmaman HD valve springs 

New Coils 

Full custom Re tune on 98 fuel 


Now this ute has a GT3582 and a Plazmaman entry level 700hp cooler kit on it not the standard 76 so it finished up at 353rwkw / 935nm on 16.8psi peak 











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2 hours ago, Rob70 said:

Pity you can't send me over one of those tunes  :)

I Can ;)


Tuned “remotely” Turbo falcons in every state now, An  N.Z one would be good to add to the list hahaha

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Hit me up Rob and we can make it happen, I think you should do a build thread already as you’ve got yourself a solid ride so far :) 


Show us what’s you’ve been through and some results 

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what do you expect? people to just ask you questions and you answer them? it's mostly just an information show-and-tell and a few thumbs up etc to say how well you're doing. :) the updates are sincerely appreciated by many people irrelevant of whether a discussion specific to those latest posts happens to continue onwards from the sporadic posting of the OP :)

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Had Chris @rtslbd back in for a great round of mods focusing on Handling and braking this time and what better than my Bang for buck Brake & suspension package with the PmuNs400 upgrade pads for super low brake dust and obviously my Go-To DBA T3’s 4000 series all round to give that incredibly good bite when getting going in the Hills ! 
Suspension package is my Go-To KYB’s and SSL KINGS all round

I took his Standard Height XR6T Mk2 ZF from the typical 370’s (mm) to the perfect height 350’s (mm) Hub to Eyebrow which pretty much more or less hits the SA legal limit heights But vastly improved the handling of the big heavy beast the Turbo falcon is. At the same time knocked out a service, Calipers painted, Full cooling system flush and new overflow tank and a few other bits n pieces but so far all reports are good :) 






















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