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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Had the privilege but unfortunate to have Darrell back in after giving the limiter a bit if a bash in his FG Mk2 XR6T a few weeks back and completely lunched his factory oil pump gears and this lead a

Thanks for the kind words Dazza     Some simple stuff but interesting all the same for me last week starting with @Roo32 coming in for a service,Jonny Tig 4* race intake and battery relocati

Most already know why we/I chose to give it up but for the rest who would like to wonder why we gave up a great little thing is because life is to short basically.My dad had a heart attack while playi

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Been chaos lately with Covid putting the brakes on the supply chains for performance parts and good things come to those who wait. Anyway been a bit behind with updates but plenty going on


Had Craig bring in his very tidy G6ET For a Major going over service wise and along the way I found some very interesting things that needed attention. Lucky for Craig I had found these things because it wouldn’t of been much longer before failures would set in. Big one was a previous workshop had installed a ZF Air-Air transmission cooler but failed on doing it correctly and in service coated the whole front end in ZF oil from top of engine to nearly end of transmission. The wrong lines had been used and needed replacement, This required not only a full relocation and done to my spec but a big old degrease and pressure wash all over a few times !

Engine temps were being effected due to low radiator performance, the ZF oil was super low causing all sorts of operational problems. 
Leaking rocker cover gasket, Spark plug gaskets, swollen coil packs, coolant shot, oil thick and black ... the list went on but that’s right behind Craig now ! 

What went into it was a Major Engine service, Major cooling system service, Diff service, ZF full flush, New thermostat, new oil pressure switch, new top end gaskets, 
New ZF lines & relocation, new Idler & Tensioner pulleys 


Big Birthday for this one before even looking for power modifications !!


Before ....














After .....















Been helping @Regany out all the way from N.Z with an array of top end quality performance parts ready for him to step up his next round of mods in a big way. Including a Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582 but with a 1.06 T3 Vband housing ready for his high mount 6 boost manifold with mirror polished compressor housing 

Full Atomic timing assembly catalogue, studs, Girdle, Balancer, Valve springs with Luxurious Titanium retainers, coil packs, plugs, HD pump assembly, silicone joiners and odds n sods to get these things in ;)   






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holy :pooh: did you save that G6ET... well done, brother :icon_ford: ... but "very tidy" is an extreme stretch... it might be now that you've done your bit on it

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Ha Foyle is here... now it’s trouble :wedgie:


Had old mate Dion @Mrpunk take some time on how he wanted to progress with his next round of mods and with some thought it was decided that he wanted to tackle not only gains but good quality preventive measures along the way


So the mod list contains the following for this round 


Aeroflow 6662 Complete Turbocharger 

Plazmaman 800HP intercooler Polished 

Plazmaman UCST with Pierberg pump

Plazmaman HD wiring kit 

Plazmaman Twin -6 feed Fuel rail 

Plazmaman HD valve springs 

Turbosmart FPR1200 

Aeroflow series 300 lines 

Aeroflow Push lock fittings 

Pitlane Performance HD Flex plate 

Hardy Spicer HD Tailshaft with 1350’s & Unis, slip Joint and HD centre bearing 

New genuine Coil packs 

Engine service

Full ZF service 

Diff service 

DBA T3 All round brake package with DBA SP Street Pads, Red painted calipers 

Catch can with -10 lines in black braid and AN fittings 

New window wipers - Silicone mono blades

New Power steering pump 

HPtuners NGauge with 4 Tunes & ZF custom tune 


Fair Old package of parts but all very necessary. Set everything up so it has x4 Tunes of the 98 & E85 variety of Low & High boost for each, obviously there was no need to go bananas on the 98 tunes and being mindful that it’s still a stock engine and ZF we didn’t want to break anything as this beast started it’s life as a HYW Police chaser and since Dion’s owned it she’s not had an easy life lol 😂 


98 Low boost - 357rwkw @ 14 PSI 

98 High Boost - 363rwkw @ 15 PSI 

E85 Low boost - 395rwkw @ 15.5 PSI  

E85 High Boost - 416rwkw @ 18.5 PSI 


Now a bit of a trend that you can see but I was also seeing a trend on the datalogs and that trend was saying that the ZF wasn’t super happy with anything more than ~ 19 psi and the slip was glaringly obvious on the Dyno too with RPM limiter tag but Road speed finishing up quicker and quicker as boost went over 18 psi. Bit of a bugger as it was showing great indication of heading into the right places ( 395rwkw on 15.5 psi ) but that’s cars hey ! 

This is again a vital reason to Datalog, take time required to assess and watch for trends that change and ascertain what’s going on before pressing on and potentially damaging a customer vehicle because that’s not how tuning is done. 
Care and consideration is paramount when it’s somebody else’s property and not to mention if you catch a problem early it typically means they can usually still drive the car and know what’s about to happen and plan for it ;) 


Anywhoo I’ll shut up now and get on with the pictures but despite the Big boost numbers being capped much lower than I wanted it’s still a mover on the street and easily turns tyres into smoke as @Mrpunk will probably concur haha 























Here’s the dead giveaway on this sheet and yes both runs tagged limiter but clearly the big boost compared to low boost 98 run ends quicker ( Blue 98 / Red E85 ) 


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It’s a control thing Keif, Boost / fuel And timing create power... If you run those “Big” every single time you give her some WOT standard stuff looses life span progressively 


We all love to nail the throttle and let an engine rev out, grab the next gear and enjoy the symphony that is.... Giving a punter the option to do this without big numbers thrown down the engines throat means hopefully a longer life span with at least the largest amount of enjoyment ;) 


Not everything needs to be 100% even when it’s 100% lol 

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19 minutes ago, k31th said:

I've never understood the logic of high and low boost tunes :)  just control it with your right foot on the high boost tune :3gears:


With 400rwkw on the street you can't and still be quick. Boost by gear or a low boost tune will be faster on the street every time.


I've set up boost by gear and flatshifting on my manual BF with ~380rwkw. I can pin the throttle from 1st to 4th without lifting and basically no wheel spin. Press of a button and I get full boost in all gears to do skids all day if I want.

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There was consideration to the transmission regarding spool, the Aeroflow seems a great thing so far IMHO.

Plenty of low end spool that can be dialled in, how fast to target is unknown by myself yet but I’ll put it on par with a Genuine Garrett GTX G2 3582 no worries 

Top end, can’t see why it wont flow 22psi all day long and in a right set up sit in the Typical high 400’s low 500’s range as a Garrett does 


IF they last it’ll be a no brainer ! 

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I like it lol 


Just priced up a G42 1450 1.28 for a customer RRP nearly $5500 ! 

Dats getting out of control 

Edited by JETURBO
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Had old mate Dion [mention=91260]Mrpunk[/mention] take some time on how he wanted to progress with his next round of mods and with some thought it was decided that he wanted to tackle not only gains but good quality preventive measures along the way
@JETURBO forgot to mention he installed some nice shiny new valve springs too
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