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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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cylinder events at 5000-6000rpm with above delta pressure and a fuel that’s more dense than gasoline creates cylinder pressures that can be excessive past head bolts yield tension especially on a 1.06
Rate of pressure is always the same “IF” the fuel,boost,rpm,cylinder capacity factors aren’t changed within that period 
You will see most workshops automatically including head studs in most packages now, great charge up for the shop but I believe the customer gets some hardware they don’t have to have imho at anything sub 550rwkw or 23psi or if the tuner wants to throw a rich fuelling scale in 
every workshop has their methodology and largely based around making money  
But yes Rolland .... timing is pressure... E85 takes timing too well, how many E85 tunes have you seen with 20* plus in the bottom row, heaps I bet 
do you know how many of my E85 tunes command 20* plus in the max load bottom cell ?  NONE  
tuners keep forgetting less is more and a correctly set up timing map isn’t just throwing bigger numbers after the smaller ones
Being open and honest last nights car delivered a Maximum minimum timing scale of 17*@6150rpm with 2.18 load 
Any guesses what it did at 18* and 19* ? 
SFA except raise cylinder pressures, and excite more noise through the KR 


Agree 100%. My stock engine G6ET running 20psi on E85 had 14 * from 3500rpm to 17* @ 6000rpm, this without a rescaled load column, sitting @ 1.7 load.

511rwkw, GTX3582R, surge tank, full exhaust, factory crossover, KPM intake.

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I actually wrote a big long winded update on Friday but that’s when it failed to load and the editor box was freaking out hence why I asked Keif to see what was up ....


CBF re doing it just now lol 

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Editor box just sh*t the tin again typing this

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Had Paul back in his G6ET for round 2 of his mods and what a time to have aligned.....


previously I had spoke to him regarding his factory heat exchanger on the ZF and he agreed it needed to go so all plans were put into action to have it done on his round 2 with some valvesprings and a Venom 4* Dump and cat combo to suit 


Well this was there on arrival and he was literally riding the lucky train as it looks like it had happened on the drive down to me as he told me he checked his fluids in the morning ready to take off and everything was perfect as I had only completed a major Service and cooling system flush two weeks previous ! 


So on a Tow truck it went and out to the shed for some love and a detailed checkover before completing one of my custom ZF transmission cooler kits and full transmission flush with new filter and gaskets ! Very lucky indeed as not a drop of coolant made it’s way into the transmission..... that’s lottery ticket time for Paul !!


After all of that I did a set of Atomic valvesprings and fitted up the Venom Dump and cat combo, off to the Dyno to then re tune what I couldn’t finish up the first time round due to the terrible valve float and managed to settle on 285rwkw on the stock intercooler.... not the greatest but it’s all the factory intercooler would give with some repeatability !

Anyway Paul was wrapped with everything and is amazed how well it goes now and to be fair it’s chalk n cheese from round 1 but any turbo falcon that’s suffering valve float you will know how bad they are to drive with some “spirit”  

























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Been a very busy time indeed but still hopefully providing the best experience for my happy members


had a very big influx of major servicing due on a variety of cars but the big ones has been doing the Diff on the turbo falcon, it’s the long forgotten item that does need some love so don’t forget it peoples as I like to always include the diff into the major service schedule 


Had Brad bring his girlfriends clean FG XR6T 50th in for a major service and diff oil and Clayton with his G6ET for a major and diff service too 











Also had a bit of movement lately regarding my tuning location as the once faithful Jaustech Automotive has closed it’s doors to trade with the owner Lex pulling the pin and looking to venture into another field and selling up. This has given me the chance to work closely with my very good friend Anthony CeCe who now resides at Glynde Garage with a brand new Dyno Cell just built at over $300,000 including a mainline AWD Dyno, every conceivable option with a temperature controlled “Drag through” system that’s all variable. 


This is giving me the use and ability to do the Turbo Territory’s and using the best available technology as it includes a mainline Hub 3000hp dyno coming in the next few months ( already ordered ) 

Happy days being able to give my customers the best calibrated tooling when tuning their vehicles and what fun it has been :) 


Anyway I’ll move on with the latest ....


Steve got in contact with me about doing a tune on his car and due to time constraints he went elsewhere first and to say he wasn’t happy was an understatement as the car was running super lean, clipping Torque requestors and smashing in over 17psi on a factory intercooler, factory injectors and factory pipes..... sad indeed but bit the bullet and came in for me to work my magic 


supplying and fitting the following 


KPM street fighter 1000cc injectors

full aluminium pipe kit

intake muffler delete kit

TB elbow

Genuine plugs

Venom SS full exhaust


finishing up in a picture perfect 283rwkw @ 13 psi limited by the factory intercooler obviously 





















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bit sad about Jaustech but good news that you got hooked up with another option so quick :) solid results on this one, too.

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he's probably referring to the 12 spark plugs picture where you have 6 old and 6 new lined up and he's making a dad-joke...

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Thread needs more Milwaukee and current volume of Milwaukee suggets OP is an FGT

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Milwaukee would be correct about OP ;) 


more Milwaukee in cupboard Milwaukee


Needs more race wars Milwaukee too 🙃

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9 hours ago, Admin (as if) said:

good stuff azza as usual


strange about the old place closing. he just renovated that dyno room. 

Well yes and no, it was a major import performance workshop that turned over 1.1-1.3 million a year, tuned up to 6 cars a day and would have anywhere from 20-30 cars in the property at any one time and open 16 hours a day to do this, Dyno was running into the night always when it was sold to the new owner.


The last two owners were both mechanics and sub 40 years old, one of them was a highly regarded tuner whose sought after 


The new owner is in his 60’s and zero hands on ability both mechanically and tune ability with no intent on learning and he didn’t feel keeping the “Tuner” on as a paid employee was worth what he would of needed to be paid to do so. 


It was never going to last unfortunately but  I supported him till the last minute as it was the right thing to do even though I had been offered to use other facilities over a year ago. It’s a big shame but to make anything work you only get out what you put in .....  


2 hours ago, bloodycrashboy said:

please come and detail my engine bay @JETURBO

When you come down for a stage 3 package I will ;)

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It’s been a busy time indeed lately but had a good result on this latest one despite not generating the typically high number count that we normally see on a E85 vehicle. That said it’s not about the numbers but about having a good tune first and foremost :) 


Brad had dropped  me a line from seeing the work I do on here and he had recently bought himself a G6ET that had been previously a N.S.W vehicle that had also been to our Friend Joe @ Hoontune for a Round of upgrades that the last owner had supplied the parts for and I believe Joe might of fitted some of them and obviously tuned it. 


Since then the turbocharger Core had died and Brad had it swopped out for a Ebay replacement core in the meantime :) 


We come to a process of working out what he wanted from the car and options available meant we went with some great parts and some E85 to tie it together and the list is this now 



Xpurt 1000cc injectors 

Crow Valve Springs and retainers 

Garrett GTX G2 3582 supercore 

Garret 11.8 psi Adjustable actuator 

My spec 1.06 rear housing with the 39mm flapper and port 

new bolts,studs,gaskets,seals

Advance 4* Dump & Venom cat

Pacemaker twin 2.5* full cat back mandrel bent system in MS 

GFB drop in reg and gauge kit 

Plazmaman race intake 

Plazmaman battery relocation kit 

Plazmaman stage 1 no cut intercooler 

Plazmaman TB elbow 

Ngauge with window mount kit 

Walbro 460 intank pump 

New battery 



Tuned on 98 fuel finished up at 325rwkw which was what it also did at Hoontune and on E85 managed a best of 369.4rwkw @ 15.5psi 

Tuned perfectly but the small entry level intercooler wasn’t having a great time so had to keep the boost down a bit and let it have a chance to do what it needed to do :) 

Despite that it really goes well and I do believe Brad is a happy camper, all said and done with an intercooler swop there’s every chance 400+ is easily on the cards and I’m sure in due course it will happen so stay tuned peeps 




























Then E85 .....















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Solid work as always @JETURBO ... but when's your sprint getting moar 23's in the mid?

Edited by .Stripes.

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