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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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cylinder events at 5000-6000rpm with above delta pressure and a fuel that’s more dense than gasoline creates cylinder pressures that can be excessive past head bolts yield tension especially on a 1.06
Rate of pressure is always the same “IF” the fuel,boost,rpm,cylinder capacity factors aren’t changed within that period 
You will see most workshops automatically including head studs in most packages now, great charge up for the shop but I believe the customer gets some hardware they don’t have to have imho at anything sub 550rwkw or 23psi or if the tuner wants to throw a rich fuelling scale in 
every workshop has their methodology and largely based around making money  
But yes Rolland .... timing is pressure... E85 takes timing too well, how many E85 tunes have you seen with 20* plus in the bottom row, heaps I bet 
do you know how many of my E85 tunes command 20* plus in the max load bottom cell ?  NONE  
tuners keep forgetting less is more and a correctly set up timing map isn’t just throwing bigger numbers after the smaller ones
Being open and honest last nights car delivered a Maximum minimum timing scale of 17*@6150rpm with 2.18 load 
Any guesses what it did at 18* and 19* ? 
SFA except raise cylinder pressures, and excite more noise through the KR 


Agree 100%. My stock engine G6ET running 20psi on E85 had 14 * from 3500rpm to 17* @ 6000rpm, this without a rescaled load column, sitting @ 1.7 load.

511rwkw, GTX3582R, surge tank, full exhaust, factory crossover, KPM intake.

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I actually wrote a big long winded update on Friday but that’s when it failed to load and the editor box was freaking out hence why I asked Keif to see what was up ....


CBF re doing it just now lol 

Edited by JETURBO
Editor box just sh*t the tin again typing this

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