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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Yes mate I could take that NOS short and have it ready with some atomic 698 rods and anything else that you would want, do a full top end and bolt it all together, install it,tune it and have it ready to go ;) 


Im more inline with using a good atomic rod vs a spool or cheaper option as the market is flooded with cheap Chinese poor quality material rods and has been for some time and the quality and guaranteed results you get from Atomic or higher end spec rods are always worth the extra $$


Had a big start to the year helping a bunch of members and mates out with getting their vehicles ready for 2019 and this always includes the basic schedule services that are critical for happy healthy engines. 

Also gives me a good chance to check over any modifications that had been installed and general wear and tear from power gains too 


started off with Waynes turbo after he had been out at Mallala where he joined in a open track day and managed to get his 294rwkw MCA coilovered FG to 1.25.4 laps and that’s not bad imho for a first timer in a barge ! 




Then had Andrew’s FGX XR8 in that I tuned a few months back ( 288rwkw upto 359rwkw )  it’s 45,000km service with the correct grade 5-20 fully synthetic oil and Genuine motorcraft oil filter and a recharge of his pod filter, had some excess wear on rear trailing arm bushes but they can be fixed next time as they’re not completely “had it” yet 




Had Vince in with his BF mk2 F6 Typhoon for a service and new front rotors as the Genuine factory rotors were heavily “lipped” and almost at minimum thickness so the DBA 4000’s went on coupled up with the DBA sp500 pads 






Then had @hopper8 in for a service and check over of a rear end knock that’s also turned out to be excess wear of trailing arm bushes but also some factory fitted rear shocks that are also noisy so when the time is right we will swop out both shocks and fit some new arm bushes to eliminate all issues once and for all :) 


Then had Nathaniel in with his DevilXr FG ute for a scheduled service and a final clean and dress up of his ute in preparations for the Mount Compass ute muster car show where he took out 2nd place in highest power ute ( 333rwkw ) and 2nd place in best work ute and to say he was stoked was an understatement  🍻



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49 minutes ago, Barra747 said:


Hi Jet and Thankyou for your input much appreciated. Depends on the $$ situation I’d love to go the atomic route but the NOS BA short will properly suffice. 


Im going to have to pull the BTR soon and send it over to Preston’s to get the works done. 


Looking at around 330-350kw at the treads through a 3000 stall.


Could you point me in the right direction regarding getting some rods in this BA short ? I assume you can do all of that anyway ? 




Just get Jet to build you an engine.. Start with  second hand motor or yours that's in the car now.

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@Barra747 seriously just get jeturbo to fix you up. do it once properly mate. build/tune/parts the lot. you wont be disappointed. 


good to see your a busy bee jetters,


any feedback yet from anyone on the new dba disc and pads combo?

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It's your money but  unless you want to do things twice go with jets recommendation. All your really buying is the block, pistons & rods. Everything else gets binned. Ring him & discuss what you want out of the vehicle, give him your budget & take his advice very seriously. He's honest & he knows what he's talking about

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6 hours ago, Ford Freak said:

any feedback yet from anyone on the new dba disc and pads combo?

Yeh Trent


really good cold bite and warm to hot pedal feel and definitely a great option pad 

probably more dust than the Pmu’s I like to run but it’s a good pad and will continue to use and recommend them ;) 


very cheap too

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