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Jet's Tuning (Oh No)

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Super busy times lately but striving to help everyone I possibly can :)


Had @The Red Baron after some performance parts for his upcoming build of his FG XR6T and obviously where else do you go but the local forum guy who can help out .... some KPM 1000’s ,walbro 256, Full Plazmaman 800hp kit,Venom 4* Dump and cat combo and a PWR ZF heat exchanger kit, organised everything including postage to the other side of the country and helped out with great price on it all, hopefully one happy camper 





Had @gazman bring his BA turbo in for a set of Atomic performance valvesprings as the old 250,000kms stockers were floating really bad around 3000rpm, all said and done the open engine surgery went flawlessly and I even threw in a set of genuine Ford iridium spark plugs for nothing as I just couldn’t bring myself to install the crappers that came out ! It’s all about the love :giverose:







FINALLY @hopper8‘s turn it was and from a stock standard FG turbo we’ve turned it into literally a bang for buck V8 killer.... ( well anything NA killer lol ) In went a set of Genuine FPV 42lb injectors,Intune motorsports pipe kit, @Roo32‘s old intercooler ( the same Ebay spec cooler that just went 350rwkw’s on Dion’s FG two weeks ago ) a Euro 4 Higher flowing cat section with “De ring”, centre muffler delete to 3* single pipe, Plazmaman intake muffler delete, Plazmaman street airbox and one custom Tune from yours truly lol 


settled in at a tidy 290rwkw on 11.8psi and had to keep it “extra fat” to compensate from the rapid IAT’s the Ebay heater was dishing out hahah, all said and done it goes bloody well for what’s been spent and obviously Josh looks after his beast very well 
















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Thanks so much for working your magic mate!!! Absolutely stoked with the results, it pulls hard and feels so much better through the midrange... And then the top end from about 4800rpm is hectic!  Running perfectly and I don't want to hop out of it after driving, I love it haha. Thanks for your hard work and attention to detail! 


Ps. Ebay 'heater'... Hahahah 

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Had Vince bring his beautiful BF2 F6 Typhoon in for some tasteful mods and a big love session service wise. Vince had done his research and I’m wrapped to have had the pleasure to work on his beast from anywhere else available to him SA wide !


KPM 1000’s

SMB 4* Dump and cat

xforce twin 2.5* cat back

port and flapper modification to 38mm

Genuine Garrett 7.5psi actuator and rod

walbro 255 intank and E85 lines

Full service with new Genuine coils,plugs,filters the works !


Rolled up a tidy 290rwkw on 11.8psi but the limiting factor being the factory F6 intercooler at this point in time, bought it back to a somewhat repeatable 282rwkw on 11.5psi 


super fun to drive and very well behaved as you should always expect from a modified turbo falcon, if it isn’t you’re at the wrong place ;) 










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Had Nathaniel back in for some more mods as last time we had pushed the stock injectors to the end of their capacity and had to stop. Now I’ve installed a set of KPM street fighter 1000cc injectors, walbro 255 intank pump, full Venom turbo back exhaust in MS and put a new seal/gasket kit through the GT3576 as she was leaking a bit too much !


Meeting the owners requirements for a more top end style of tune it was a pleasure to work towards what he wanted and knocking out a solid result at the same time. One of the key areas is always the gain over last time and there’s gainzzz everywhere on this tune over the last with a good supply of mods to suit 


333rwkw @ 14.8psi peak 


Plazmaman 800hp kit 


walbro 255

Venom 4*Dump/cat full twin 2.5* system 

38mm port & flapper modification 

Plazmaman 4* race intake 

battery relocation kit 

98 fuel BP ultimate 











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Had @Boosted Blu back in for the premium suspension option when it comes to lowering a turbo ute and to suit the remaining mods on his 500rwkw beast it was time for only the best !


Shockworks coilovers 

king spring leafs 

whiteline eye bushings

whiteline leaf bed blocks 

Mal Wood anti tramp bars 


with the Shockworks set to 600mm from top hat underside to centre hole of lower support bracket and 6 clicks clockwise it’s brought the fronts from 370 to 340mm and rears from 390 to 360 and feels brilliant on the road ! 
















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I try the best I can with pictures so everyone can enjoy, looks real nice in person and feels killer at over 100kmh ;) 

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Opinions on what the Mal Wood anti tramp pit is like? Does it always work without any negative affects is about all I need to know?

Forgot to add does it stop the ute from squatting as much on launch


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Fitted the Mal Wood tramp bars a few times now and yes they work very well


on stock leafs you can tell there’s “rigidity” there and can feel a touch invasive for going round corners but coulpled up with HD leafs they’re a beautiful thing ! 


Squat still occurs on standard leafs 

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Had Taylor ( @Panda Eyes ‘s cousin ) back in for a new JD Spec clutch kit, Power steering high pressure hose, new Genuine Alternator, Major service including Coil packs and gearbox service


The factory FG clutch wasn’t “fully” mashed but wasn’t loving life after putting up with 350+rwkw for some time now so before things go fully sideways it’s always good to get in there and get it fixed up ! 

Many of you would know I’ve had a firm love of the NPC products and even though they’re expensive in comparison it’s worth every cent IMHO, so that’s what’s gone in 

430rwkw rated NPC single plate copper organic mix, billet flywheel, Mal Wood Alloy CSC, braided feed line, braided remote bleeder HD Spigot bearing, ARP HD bolts. 

All fitted up and some fully synthetic gearbox oil it’s seamless and precise, literally beautiful and after 1000-2000kms goes onto the Trip “B” we can look at bumping up the power a bit ;) 


The new alternator is due to the power steering hose leaking oil all throughout the old alternator and no point messing around with junk so only Genuine brand new items go in and not that much more expensive either so that’s always something to consider :) 


BIG shout out to @bloosted and the Wifey for helping out as these ones can be more than just one set of hands type of job especially the bleeding of the system process 


old clutch 








Old flywheel 




New stuff .... 













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good to see someone putting in some good bit of kit and the little extras that no one does. 


at least you dont just bang a new clutch in and send them on their way


well done again azza

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Yesss that one hahahahaha 


cheers Trent, some may say it’s overkill but if you’re going to the trouble to pull a gearbox out then I say fill it with the best parts you can afford :) 

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