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Exhaust Manifold

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IMHO torque on exhaust manifold bolts are not always a true representation of whats needed especially on an ally head

In a brand new situation yes torque to specs

But if its done some work and been loosened and tightened stacks of times ( like the turbos do ) I have personally tightened until that point where your past the torque spec but not going to strip it and coupled with some norlock washers is a almost permint fix

Done it to specs so many times but on a very well used manifold/stud/bolt combo it isnt enough

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I have mine up to 70nm.

About to tap and die to a larger bolt though, as they have been in and out so many times they are farked.

70nm in the mid? SMASH THE TORQUE

I poured salty water over mine so they rusted in place. Edit - make sure you start at centre bolts though, don't want to unbalance it.

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