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My New Fg Xr 6 Turbo Strait From The Dealer To The Dyno


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Here are the print outs

Don’t know what fuel it had in it, got them to fill the tank up before I pick it up being a car yard don’t think they would put premium in it

It is an auto

still pumped just got to 700km and fuel is on 14.3 L/100 im happy with that.

thank you all, if it was not for this site I would not have got the xr6 turbo



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What gear was the dyno pull done in, with the torque and power crossover point at around 3450-3500 rpm, indicates to me that a lower gear ratio was used.

AFR's in the 11's and dipping into the 10's, there is some power to be gained by leaning those mixtures off.

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