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Ba Xr6T Exhaust Onto Ba Fairmont

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Hey all,

Im after a slightly upgraded exhaust system for my Fairmont, not after too much power gains

Is it worth picking up an xr6 turbo exhaust and bolting that on or will it be too much of a pain in the ass?

Cheers guys, Dan...

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You'll only be able to use the section after the cat on your car, even then you will have to get an exhaust shop to make up a Y-piece as the turbo exhaust has a twin system as opposed to your stock single.

Its probably easier to get a red-back exhaust for some sound, but unless you fit extractors too there won't be any power increase. Particularly without tuning

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If I deleted the cat and got a y-piece from extractors back would The xr6t exhaust give me better quality sound?

I really don't like how the outlet of the standard Xt exhaust looks, I'd much rather make the Xr exhaust tip work somehow

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