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In The Market, Fg Xr6T. Sell The Fg To Me! (Merged Topic)

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I know the op is a 1 poster but this is still a good discussion. I love the sound of a v8 but the FG T is unreal to drive and own. Everyone's said it all already but just wanted to add that we have a VE Bogan special sports wagon at work in auto and its rubbish. No way in hell would you get the auto. Another mate has an Bogan special redline sedan in manual and he's happy so must be fine without the auto. But yeah no responsiveness whatsoever, really sloppy, took forever to change gears and get going, and just no excitement at all. It's not just me with the zf FG T either, another mate with a BA XR8 with the 4 speed auto thought the same when he drove it too. So there's another down side.

Oh and the A pillar is ridiculous, I couldn't see a thing past it, wtf were they thinking! Instead of a little glance around it approaching intersections I basically had to jump around in my seat to look around it.

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The FG cause you can't put a Chev Badge on it!

One word VE's are gutless !!! My mate took me in his 6LT calais ve trying to impress me then I took him in the booster fgt he went all silent no comments at all lolllll

Guys, I intially went in to buy myself a VF SV6......dealer wanted $39 on road - and when he refused to haggle, his response was 'mate I have a 3 month wait - take it or leave it'......I didnt even en

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Sorry but something does really add up there unless your calculating back from rwkw to fwkw they are advertised as 270fwkw and most get around 200 to 240 stock at the wheels with most closer to 200 so short of getting a freak motor I would say someone has already touched this engine or your dyno guy is using some very optimistic tricks

Regardless out of he box they do deliver the smile in a big way :)

the dyno is pretty right I have had my other cars on that dyno too they seem to have the same horse power readings as other dynos I have been on also the car was brand new I put it on the dyno when I had done 7000ks just to see what I could make in stock form.

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What a cracker, this thread is still going on a one and only OP. I've been on here for what seems like 10 years and am lucky to get 1 response sometimes and most of my responses to other peoples threads get deleted with no explaination also.

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Looking at getting a new sedan.......

2011 XR6T with luxy pack 19" rims in silver.....$37000 drive away (6000Ks) auto


2011 Bogan special redline Commodore 10000 K's 19" rims >.......$38990 drive away manual

What do yous reckon?????..............I am more worries about driving performance than fancies..minded towards the XR6T becuase it is easy to get large power gains!!....over the SS any how.....cept the Bogan special Redline has brembos (nice)!!!! which I have heard the xr6t brakes are sh*t!!!

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Don't ya love buying cars just one year old, even with options, they're such a bargain for what practically is still a new car. I got mine early last yr and it was only a yr old and depreciated 15k.

I have a mate selling an Bogan special redline almost same kms and price lol, hope I'm not about to talk you out of buying his haha! Of course everyone here will say the T! The T will smoke the ss, my mate reckons his doesn't feel anywhere near as punchy or brutal quick as my xr6 T. If you want the v8 sound find a 2nd hand gs, again like the T they will be super easy to get more power. You can upgrade the brakes yourself. But if you don't care just want something fun and sounds good and whatever then the Bogan special redline is good value from what it was new. But yeah if you're gonna mod then the T or GS for sure!

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Dunno why the redline needs brembos, don't you need to be fast first?

Go the FG over the SS.

Only thing going for the SS is sound, in which you can make up for with turbo and induction noise.

In comparison, the FG XR6T has been seen to run 12s stock, whereas most VE SS models still run 12s after cam, zorts, intake and tune.

You will get a lot more power for a lot less money.

Nicer interior.

You get so much more of the wow factor in the turbo over a lazy 8, you will have endless fun changing the expressions of HSV GTS owner's faces, even stock!

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Unless you spend 7k+ on the SS doing heads/cams/ exhaust, they still don't sound good. That gets you 280-300rwkw.

Same $$ on an Fg is easy 330 on 98/350 on e85

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You can runs 5s on the FGs bro with removing da mud flaps!!

I think this is the 4th time I have posted in this type of thread but here goes! I have owned both, yes the SS need coin to make it go "fast" and the FG really doesn't. But you need to ask yourself, do you need an 11 or even low 12 sec car? I don't and I regret selling my SS as for me it was a much nicer, easier fun car to own. My FG is insane, really good fast car but the quality is poor, IMO the VE is a cleaning, sharper looking car and the sound, even with a cheap exhaust just gets your balls tingling and unless you're willing to break the law to prove it there's no point having an insanely fast car. It's not like it was even a few years ago. Having a hypo car is more of a liability than anything else.

Im not trying to be a buzz kill here but I asked the same question 3 years ago which led to me buying my FG and as much as I love it I wish I hadnt as its just costing me money now and will continue to do so until I see it. Every time I see an VE SS or even Clubby (which I could have afforded considering the money spent on my FG) I think far out they look good for an aussie car, then you hear the big 6l+ and think FFS I wish I still had that lol...

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All the usual answers...

FG is a more 'modern' looking car given the shape is kind of one model ahead of the SS, the SS shape has been around since the BA.

Other than that.....flip a coin they both have the same good and bad points.

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I looked at VE SS's and FG's.

What I noticed.

1. SS was always about $5000 more expensive to FG Turbo in Similar Condition.

2. SS Interior felt somewhat cheap, hard to say exactly what. FG Turbo Interior felt more like a BMW.

3. Performance wise most VE SS run 100-103km Terminal Speeds where as FG's are Running 106-108.

In the SS you would need a Full Exhaust, Intake and Tune to get upto as fast as a STOCK FG Turbo

If you want to go faster, you need to upgrade the cam.

So in the end my Decision was that the FG Was more the better decision.

Best thing is to go look at both of them.

If you want to buy a SS Forget it and get something like a HSV GTS or Grange look a little bit better.

The FG is awesome, where you sit, how it drives.

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