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Just completed and passed a certificate 4 in “Electrical installations in hazardous areas” HV/LV/ELV and certification of existing hazardous areas with the pathway to Diploma well and truly started  

Watching someone slide a turbo falcon correctly   5/7 Would Bang ! 

clicked over the "4"s today (not that it makes me happy) but I bought this car with 40k on the clock 5 years ago It hasn't missed a beat I have serviced it every 7.5k without fail, so that p

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You use the VoIP phone?

If so, there's only two categories of router's that do VoIP and DSL, cheap/nasty and expensive. Unfortunately you're on the lower end of the spectrum.

If not, there's heaps of very good DSL routers.

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Hey 2256.. What would you use to replace IINETS BOB 2.0? (Incl. VOIP phone)

Cause I've been through 3 bobs in less then a year.. I think it's time bob just got put into his grave permanently.

Actually mine is SRP527W (not 521) and does do VOIP + Wireless backup

This is the back


Should work with iinet voip.

It says here they actually supply it.


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Nice.. Sounds like a plan to me..

Only once has BOB survived a thunderstorm.. But then he didn't survive two of them.. IINET keeps replacing them.. Doesn't cost me a cent but it's a pain in the arse..

Yes house has a safety switch.. Yes Bob is plugged into a surge protector..

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Billion BiPAC 7404VGX series is a cheaper alternative (probably better, too) in comparison to a Cisco SRP527W. But if iinet will give you a SRP527W for free, hit them up. Obviously all of these alternatives to "Bob" require an external cordless phone.

EDIT: Or even the 7404VNOX if you want the Wireless-N capability.

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half of J@TSNOT's forum posts are either " ^^THIS GUY^^ " or " Oh dear "

BTW, you win SDP, you found the 2 best smileys to suit the situation.

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When uve been around as long as me it says alot more than first posted

If u pair of ohmo's are serious congrats !!!

Paz u win aids got the short end of the stick with u hahaha or is it the long end of the stick ???

Weeeeeeeeee congrats guys

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