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1 hour ago, Rab said:

Random selection from Bunnings: 

Jalapeno, habanero, scorpion, 7 pot, birdseye etc


Some mild, some hot, some very hot.


I try to grow them every year and fail, so fingers crossed


I grow chillies too but they are seasonal so if you want to keep them year round you need a small greenhouse 


I’ve got Birdseye, Carolina reapers and ghosts 

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3 minutes ago, bloodycrashboy said:

wot......I should wear my tin hat :wwww:


Haha it’s more commercial gear rather than home gear


back in 07/08 when they were implemented they were boycotted by any government/defence (in aus) due to secret coding and back doors which were used and still are today.


Optus run all its super exchanges and poi on Huawei Dslam for gen 2,3,4 up dslams as well as other ip routing gear which have these such things and was also why they were not allowed in on any form of hardware for the nbn network

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