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What was your guard doggy doing rab? I had little farkers do that to mums fence. Little did they know me and my mate were out the back. Heard the can shake. They got one line on the fence before I sai

I routinely jump in the Expensive Daewoo line if it's shorter, bring the hose over the rear of the car and just lean my left arm on the car and support the hose to keep it away from rear window/panel.

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Tomorrow,  hes going to be put under for a little bit so they can do a ultrasound and dilate his pupils with eyedrops etc to have a good look. 


Sounds bad but I really hope it's just a cataract.

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Hope the little one went okay today kittens.


Had my appt at the Haematology and Oncology clinic this morning to assess my blood. I’ve been off all meds for 8 weeks trying to raise my platelet count which was a quarter of minimum range, with no avail for the last 12 weeks.

So basically our theory at this point is my body’s killing my skeletal and muscular system with no medical intervention now (the disease I already have been diagnosed with) and is also now *we think* killing my blood cells and possibly stopping me from being able to absorb B12... so I’m dizzy and pasty all day as well as being in super pain. Hopefully tomorrow’s 12 vile blood test reveals a bigger picture or else it’s a bone marrow biopsy. No treatment other than platelet transfusions basically so we will see. 
Luckily my rheumatologist, gastroenterologist, haematologist, physio and GP are now working mostly in sync for a treatment plan and assessment ongoing. 

I’ve been stretching and yoga morning and night and walking at least 10,000-15,000 steps per day, gym as many days as possible, along with mass water intake and no booze to try and get inflammation down. But with the new job being so mentally taxing I’m pretty tired. So Uber and pyjamas it is tonight. 

On the positive note, new jobs cool, council job (Local gvt) so all the perks and keeping me busy and my little mans turning 3 this Saturday! Yay! 
 Gotta look at the positives. 

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Thanks fluffy, little man only just went under. Only way they can look properly into his eye. Such a long sh*t day going to see a whole bunch of different people. It's sad seeing him like this. It's just hard because he doesn't understand what's going on, Hes too busy giving everyone death stares anyway haha 


Human bodies are like fords 


Fix or repair daily 😂


Good luck tomorrow with the blood tests 🤗 hopefully it sheds some more light on your problems

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Mal wood option 5 clutch
Slips like a stocker in all gears. Only done 6500 odd km.
Not impressed.

Got more out of the Xtreme twin plate and it was a karnt to drive.

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It's got one organic and one ceramic.
I don't see how I ever abused it. Always got moving and into gear easy and only pushed it once the clutch was out and it was properly in gear.

I reckon he rates them at 500rwkw with 245 wide not so sticky tyres. It has had a light clutch smell since the 335 wide r888rs went on two weeks back but that's only been 500km lol.

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The organic plate will be dead. If you swap it quick enough the other components maybe OK. Maybe install another ceramic plate. I have twin ceramic never an issue. 

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wot pisses me off?

The hypocrisy of the NSW govt

$5.8 million spent on NYE fire works while the state is on total fire ban

then some dumb ass decides to do this



"On Tuesday evening during the 9pm and midnight displays, a link will be projected on to each of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylons directing people to Australian Red Cross disaster relief donation site.

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said on Tuesday.

"We will be channelling the positive energy of the event to support Australian communities that have been impacted by the bushfires by encouraging people to donate to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund."


look here you dumb bitch, you could have spent the 6 million dollars on the relief fund,  but no,   blow 6 million dollars of tax payers money and then to add insult to injury,   ask them to give even more money 

that stupid bitch should be thrown out of office!!!!


happy new year :aaggl:

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Blow 6m? The revenue brought into Sydney would of been 100m plus.


I also fail to see where the risk of fire caused by the fireworks over the harbour is?

if they are so prone to causing fire from sparks, everyone should be wearing fire suits and eye protection.

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this is a quote from NSW  "total fire ban rules"


"During a total fire ban, you cannot use a barbecue outside that uses wood, heat beads, charcoal, or any kind of solid or liquid fuel. This includes Weber "kettle" charcoal barbecues."


do you now see the hypocrisy of all this @SIMBAD?


I can't have a BBQ in my back yard, but the gumbyment can let off 6 million dollars worth of fire works


how do you think the people who have lost loved ones and everything they own feel about "fireworks" celebrations  


NSW gumbyment = no compassion for bushfire victims 

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I do see both sides of view.


Bbq is never a issue for me as I only use gas.

Someone has done a risk assessment and deemed it all good to go with all appropriate measures in place (plus additional jobs) Otherwise it wouldn’t of happened. 


For such a small outlay and high return going into the city vs fireworks over Sydney harbour a risk of starting a fire somewhere was far outweighed. 

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this is not a personal dig at you @SIMBAD , but money generated to city businesses do not help bushfire victims

and I could do a risk assessment of my back yard and still go ahead with a BBQ, but that would contravene the law


in essence, NSW broke there own fire ban laws, making them hypocrites 


uncompassionate hypocrites considering bushfire victims 



I'm just having a good old rant for the first day of the year :bye:


I understand that people love to see fireworks

but this year maybe, just maybe,  the powers that be could have cancelled because of extenuating circumstances 

ie: 10 people dead in bushfires, over 700 homes destroyed etc, etc

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