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Cool Stuff You Just Bought

Ralph Wiggum

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I understand, I often drink rum with ginger ale but I was also getting fat after moving to an office job. 
Decided changing to sugar free mixer was better than not having booze at all, life without liquid courage doesn't sound fun

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So yerp bought a new pea hone today. It's an Oppo Find X3 Pro. It's pretty good but not much else to say really, yous can google the specs etc if you want.


The charging port was fairly borked in my last one and I also cracked the back of it...and cbf repairing it.


No pics cos how the fark are you gonna take a picture of a phone using the same phone?! Also cbf lol :P

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use the old phone or your missus' phone... or ... a digital camera? novel concept, I know...


also, you could use the webcam on your laptop haha

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Grabbed my 1st real Leatherman.


Bloody impressive piece of kit.


Got the extra bit kit for it so should come in very handy.

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