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On 08/09/2019 at 8:48 PM, Rab said:

Didn't take any - was muddy, cold and raining and didn't do any instagram shots posing with firearms lol


Took a vid of the daughter having the shot that scored the hit and she's wrapped with that.


Can hear the shot hit so it's a keeper. Not going to post the vid here though lol


Had a fire of the 22 (about 100 shots), the 308 and also a 303 (mates dads?? service Lee-Enfield from WW1??) and a 45-70 (hard kicking lever action)


Not my 1st time shooting, but they are my 1st rifles - definitely going to be heading out more.


Heaps of fun

Love taking the kids out for a shoot. From L to R we have DeShaun, Latesha, LaCquanda, Datshike, MikeMike40, DeRay, Steve, Commander Rockwell, Sally.....



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On 09/09/2019 at 11:49 AM, Rab said:

Yeah - am happy with the Tikka.

Was tossing up between that or the Lithgow - went with the Tikka lite and not regretting it (yet)

150 and 180 Remington soft tip (core-lokt) on the 308 - both were dead on.

Not sure on the 22 - I think they're 36gr hollow point


Need to spend more time with the 22 to work it out better - half of us were shooting high and to the left, other half were low and to the right.

They were grouping nicely though.

Was just a cheap 2nd hand one with a cheap $100 scope on it, so aren't expecting too much out of it - more of a bit of fun for the kids and adults to plink with cheaply.



edit: not going to make the hunting trip (today til weds) - bloody work - didn't realise it was mid week when I signed up for it

Optilocks and a VxFreedom. Nice setup mate. You'll never be let down by that combo. Tikkas are smooth and live forever.

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9 hours ago, Draino said:

Optilocks and a VxFreedom.


Well spotted :)

Am tipping you know your gear


Is that a launcher on the left of your safe?

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