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What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

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Started to fix a combination of 2 things.
1, I got a new toolbox for the tray because dumb me didn't realise my existing toolbox would foul on the sports bar arms.

2, Mounted and wired a fuse box with relays and a seperate enclosed buss bar in the toolbox so it's ready to put in one weekend when I can be bothered.

The new fuse box is for all the fuel pumps so I'll be able to remove the PW style loom that has already melted once.

Will be mounting the battery and isolator switch in the right side of this box when I swap it in.e9eb50efd0c7905d6268d754f9394b50.jpg

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Put petrol in today, how farken exciting. $120 later...27 litres of e85 and 35 litres of 98 had filled it up. I guess it's around the e40 mark, if it's actually e85 from the pump. I get it from a racetrack so it might be???


Gave it a boot full and she goes real good when the intercooler is cold which is often in this weather. Still on 14/15psi though.


I started up some of my other cars this afternoon, or at least tried to. The fuel pump in the r31 has carked it so she no go, the landrover is running on 6 or 7 cyl but still had a bit of a warm up, the hectic vn had a full heat cycle with a bit of backyard tuning chucked in and the honda van did the same thing it's been doing for the last 310,000km...just starts and runs.


Not a car but has 4 wheels and a motor, I adjusted the deck belt on the mower by moving the vt Late model camira idler pulley I installed, and now it mows great.

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Yeah I figured I'd better start them up every now and then. Clearly not enough maintenance though, due to the failed pump in the r31 and probably farked plugs in the landrover, flat tyres all round bar the van, and coolant leak that eventuated from the vn.


They'll get some love eventually.

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