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What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

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12 hours ago, Puffwagon said:

Dindu nuffin today but since I put the 4 inch turbo intake on, it's started sucking oil out of the rocker cover through the breather hose, on decel after boosting.


I spose a rocker cover mod or a catch can arrangement is in order.

I bet it's sucking through pcv valve.  Just throw catch cans on both circuits.   The pcv is the worst. 


11 hours ago, BeerTurbo said:

rocker off, might as well do the valve-springs, might as well bolt in some head studs, do everything.

Rocker off. Check cam lobes. 

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Took off plastic rocker cover guard to see what the story is to weld on some big dog Earl's 15mm I d 90 degree bends onto breather outlet and pcv outlet to run some 19mm push loc hose to a catch can and vent it to under the car with a length of 32mm vacuum cleaner hose that bends round corners quite nicely. The can will be passenger side up by firewall. The breather vent hole on the rocker cover is a small 10mm or so and the pcv hole is a big 20mm ish. I will take rocker cover off and drill out the breather hole then get an engineer to tig on the alloy fitting to the rocker cover and the Earl's bend screws on it once plastic cover is back on top. Luckily there's plenty of room between the top of engine and bonnet to fit these fittings. The beast will be free to breath with no crap pcv to worry about. Simple as! We can get away with this in nz.

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Probably just keep everything in my tuning thread as that’s when I’ll update anything I do on it there anyway 

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adjusted the preload on the turbosmart actuator, idk what crack I was on last week but it was way to tight.

now with the 7psi spring the car sits on around 8.3psi. 

turbosmart say to use two mm of preload, that time I left it so the cleavus would just slip in, then did it up another half turn..I dident think that was to excessive, about the least amount of preload I could do.

whatever, ranging over.


did brakes and front main seal also.












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