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What Did You Do To Your Car Today?

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well, those caps are definitely not factory ones as the factory FPV centre-caps have the blue FPV icon/moniker... those wheels might well be factory, but I can't tell - but considering the age of the vehicle and the quality of the condition of the wheels themselves, I doubt they're as old as the car.

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27 minutes ago, MBAF said:

pulled out the stereo, and degreased the engine ready for (hopefully) the new owner tomorrow

and it just got run into? pics?

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Installed 90% of the wiring for the thermo control of fan forced engine oil cooler.


Seems Aus post has different ideas on delivery that should have been here now will be another two weeks away --> Grrr.

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I bought and fitted a tow ball today. Not real exciting but there we have it. I also swapped the round 7 pin for a flat 12 pin so it matches my trailer.


So as some of ya would know, the black wire is the reverse signal. There is an extra thick wire that was going to the reverse signal in the round plug with the usual smaller black wire. The fat wire has no power, no signal and is not an earth. I wonder if it's got to do with the reversing camera? It's too hot to be frigging around with it in the driveway today so fark it. I just taped it up and lodged it in the 5 pin part.


While I was under there I noticed that it has airbags with individual filler valves. Score!

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