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Hi all


I joined up a few months ago when I picked up a xr6 turbo.

Was advertised as ba mk2 but is 7/06 bf mk2 with zf needs a fair few things tidied up but for the money is a good buy.

Ill start a thread shorty.

Cheers Wayneccfe26808cdd4211f4dead4467c8158a.jpg

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Hey all

Know of this site for a couple of month but just joined now.


Brought a 06 Bf mk2a few months back that has had a full respray and a xr8 bonnet scoop

I belive its seduce red with pearl (looks like it)

Engine bay and door jams redone as well


Was Basically stock except for a ebay cooler kit and a pod to make it flutter


Took it to Casey Automotive in Cranbourne, Victoria and got few upgrades.


Crow valve springs

4inch dump pipe with 3.5 cat (stock bf exhaust from cat back)

External gate with a screamer pipe

1000cc injectors

Herrod Performace E85 fuel pump

Process West stage 3 intercooler kit with throttle relocation.

Battery relocation and Process West Air box

Tuned and calibrated shift points.


Also did my belts and timing chain as a pre caution as well.


Currently on 15psi at 341.3 rwkw on 98

There is plently of headroom available I have been told. They gave me a very safe tune 


Not sure if the auto is being lazy or its a tuning issue. They didnt really touch it thou. 


Will lift the boost and put it on e85 in a few months hooefully and hoping to hit 400-425 rwkw


Can feel the diff bushes are on their way out.



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Hi all.

Renton here from Perth. Just purchased my first turbo, an 03 ba XR6T. Has a few nice mods but desperately needs a tune. Already found a bit of good info here but will probably be asking a few more stupid questions. 



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:pics: are a must :spoton: (instructions here)


have a read of this thread to decide on which tuner to go for -> http://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/85311-recommended-workshop-western-australia/

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Thanks Keith. Was waiting for someone to mention pics. Was trying to upload to Photobucket but haven't used it for a few years and didn't realise how much it's gone to $hit. Working on imgur now.


Yes have read thru the workshop thread but I'm now even more confused :idunno:

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