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First posts must involve a pic of a burnout, forum rules I'm afraid.   When you've been around for a while you even end up with pics of people taking pics of burnouts    

Way to build a relationship with a Potential new customer MT.

You sir, have very neat handwriting.

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Hey everyone,


Been sourcing info from here for a little while so thought I'd join.

Had our fg xr6t for 5 years, got it at 45000 km, now done 115000 km and time for some upgrades.

Not looking for massive power but 320-350rwkw would be nice........ to start....

Brought a bit of stuff back to NZ from straya a cpl weeks back, cold air intake, battery relocation kit, piping kit, 3inch high flow cat, process west stage 2 intercooler....

Fuel pump upgrade module is coming and will purchase injectors of tuners choice once I find a decent one over here....

Will probably go for valve spring upgrade as well to be in the safe zone just in case the bug gets me.....

Will lower 30mm with kings and bilsteins in near future as well, keep same wheels though, like the sleeper look :)




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was searching for info on xr6 turbos and this site popped up. so far it has been a wealth of knowledge for this crusty old die hard v8 guy who has purchased his first turbo car  

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Hi my names Clinton, have always been a FORD man (well was once a FORD boy growing up) also loved jap cars growing up.  A couple of years ago I got the chance to purchase an FG xr6t MK1 ute ... sold it last year so I could get a wagon for family purposes ... ended up purchasing a VE Calais 6L wagon.  Decided very quickly they would have to be one of the worse put together cars on the Australian market.  Was searching for another FG when this FGX XR6 T came up ... made a quick purchase on a day off and have come back here after 8 years to get some info on the FGX.  If it’s anything like my FG Ute that I had I know I am going to have a good run.  It’s an EX cop car so she is nicely run in as it was put to me by a mate of mine.  Needs some tidying up but other wise it will work perfectly for picking up the kids and dropping them to school.  


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hey guys,

Newbie here in all aspects of forums and cars.


Found you guys doing a search for mods for my BA


I have a 2004 Ba xr6t 100% stock but lots of KM 280xxx on the clock yes I am way behind the times in modding and working this car.


It is now a project and not my daily so now is time to start upgrading and doing small mods one at a time over a long period of time.

I am going to start with new spark plugs and injectors and give it a bit of a freshen up while I mod it.

I'm not looking at making it a rocket ship but I would like to just make sure I can beat my bosses e63 Amg hahahaha🤣😂


Can you guys please give me some advise on some things I should look at doing first. 


Exhaust, Cooler, Air intake, Bov, Wastgate actuator

Anythings that I can start with small and work my way up to bigger harder jobs as I will try to do most of the work myself.



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injectors, fuel pump, dump+catalytic converter, turbo actuator & a custom dyno tune for a decent starting power figure on a few short applications of power (but without intercooling it'll heat-soak and your power will be reduced)... rest of exhaust for noise, BOV is 100% unnecessary and is fine to just be disabled, air intake isn't strictly necessary but helps especially if you're upgrading the intercooler too... if you go to this 2nd level it's at the time you want to be thinking of brakes to pull you up, too :)



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I have the brakes below the Brembo ones, I think there call drm or something all I know is that a stock steel rims dont fit on the front as the calliper is to big

the car is a ex nsw cop turbo

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PBR ones, yeah.. that's the "upgraded" brakes for the specific model. They're about as good in 1 or 2 applications as the Brembo upgrade, but the Brembo is significantly better after a couple of applications.

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so besides giving new life to the motor first mods you suggest


injectors ( is there a cc rating I should get) do I stay with vdo or get bosch one brand better than other any

Fuel pump

I have a turbo smart waste gate actuator already I just need to put a tighter spring in 

like I said I'm new to all this stuff so all the help and support is greatly thankful for.


are there any other feeds that you could possibly link so I can have a read


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injectors largely depends on both your tuner's preferences and your eventual power goals, but 42lb (~440cc) is a decently cheap first upgrade step.


turbosmart actuators aren't great as they are finnicky with how they need to be setup; you're better off getting a garrett actuator and the actuator is just so you can control boost at the mid-range level (10-15psi) better than the stock 6psi actuator.


fuel pump is needed to keep up with the replacement injectors.


here's a good place to start: https://www.fordxr6turbo.com/forum/topic/68388-just-bought-an-xr6-turbo/

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Hey gents

I’ve been lurking around these forums for a while now so I thought I’d finally get involved!

I’ve recently picked up a 2013 fg mkII xr6 turbo with a 6 speed in ‘swift’ green, which I have to say, seems to be quite a rare colour.
She’s done 73,000km’s and I bought it basically sight unseen from a dealer in Perth and shipped it over (I’m in melbs)
I’ve had a fair few cars now, some good and some not, and I can say this is the equal best car I’ve owned already.
I’ve already ordered/received some go fast buts for the car so I’m sure I’ll be asking heaps from the experienced guys on here in the very near future

Thanks for having me!

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Hey guys, new member. Have owned an FG MK2 XR6T as a weekender/occasional daily for coming up two years now, I've so far resisted the urge to modify too much out of respect to my bank account but the Covid lockdown has me bored. First thing I'm doing is upgrading the rotors and pads on the brakes and swapping the rear calipers for the Territory ones; got a lot of value out of the posts on this board so thought I should at least sign up!

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