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Weight Training For Beginners

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Fella's and I think Stifler will agree, IT'S NOT HOW MUCH YOU LIFT....ITS HOW YOU LIFT IT! Ask Staino, never got him to lift super heavy, but still gained size.

^^ Angina from too many kebabs.

Yeh they all asked when are you going to fix your car 

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Bet you are one of these skinny runts FXGOD who claims they workout? Or you one these guys that hang with his Bro's at the gym who claim to know everything? Gives advice to people but knows $hit all what there on about.

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MMA, so what's it like training for Mix Male Arses?

Judging by your understanding of the acronym it shows what your really into.. Ill leave you to your arses.

Was only a matter of time before rocky and bullwinkle started!

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I am black belt first Dan in Tae Kwon Doe and have wrestled for 14 years... I fight in the heavyweight division... I was f*cked after my training in Thailand and it was only 2 months... 8 hour days. Lost 23kgs though...

Which weight division are you?

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if you want a shot at the title be my guest because im running out of fighters

Lmao. Hardknt.


No Australian record?

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From personal experience... Us guys who do fight MMA don't go around picking fights...

I know after all of my training, I could f*ck just about anyone else up... But I don't go around spruking it... Guys who boast about it are full of sh*t and don't know what hard work is...

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