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Weight Training For Beginners


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Did the first day of strength training today. Farken hot out but there was a breeze so it was ok. First thing I noticed is that there is nearly no pump compared to body building style training. Second is that everything felt reasonably light, could have added 20% to everything. Makes sense cos I set my 1rms for the program 20% lower so I can get through a number of weeks without struggling. Haha it's always like this at the start of strength training, you think it's too light etc and then 6 to 8 weeks into it, you're getting some decent work done. Third thing is that there is so much more warm up needed for lifting for 5 reps, compared to 10 to 15. Before was just a 2 minute shoulder warm up and perhaps touching the toes for 30s, now it's the same shoulder warmup but going up in more increments with each lift. Same sets overall with less reps, but still takes the same amount of time cos of all the weight changing and longer rest.


I've got 3 months planned but knowing me I might get sick of it and want to switch it up again. Either way things are progressing and all you have to do its show up and do something, it doesn't have to be much.


Gainzzz ;)

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