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Kpm Testing Facilities For S.a

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KPM offer any Adelaidians or S.A people that travel to Heathcote the use of our testing sheds without charge on weeks we are not there. As we have no drag strip in Adelade at the moment this is the next best thing. We have sheds for 2 cars and you are also welcome to camp there. First in first serve on weekend we are not there. Just call or email me at david@kpmmotorsport.com.au 08 82999 998

With our KPM Coyote Streetfighter having been put through all of our designated testing by June 9 and 10 KPM will be ready to go for broke at Heathcote . We have now set up all our warranty levels of upgrades and are extremely satisified on all results.

With all our official set up and testing out the way our next mission is to give this car extreme punishement leading up to and including Heathcote with the breifing of mission " lets try and break it".

Should be fun for us and all coming out.

We are also going to give away several drives down the strip over the 2 days.

If you are interested in our new KPM Coyote Streetfighter 500 KW or any KPM Streetfighter upgrades, pm me for a drive at Heathcote.

We have named this car Streetfighter and will go all out to prove and forge a reputation.

KPM will be at our sheds for the 2 days and we welcome all

to come past and have a chat.

Especially for the our customers and the S.A people travelling over will have a full range of tools and software avialable at our pit area if you get into mechanical strife or need a hand.

p.s.KPM is also sponsoring the Coyote S/C section with $250 in total up for grabs.

$150 Fastest time from a privately owned FG Coyote

$100 Highest MPH from a privately owned FG Coyote

How many S/C Coyotes coming at this stage?

See you at Heathcote June 9 and 10


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