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Just Bought An Xr6 Turbo?

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So You've Just Bought An XR6 Turbo?

Great! You've probably got allot of questions but luckily somehow you've wound up in the perfect place to get them ALL answered, the home of the boosted falcon Fordxr6turbo.com.

Below are links to general questions to get you started, if you can't find what your looking for try the search function (top right hand of the screen) and If you still can't find the answer your after feel free to start a thread on the topic and I'm sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction. Enjoy.

A Good place to start.

The Newbie Thread For the New ppl who wanna say HI

New Members How did you learn about the site?

How to make full use of the search function

First Mods Thread! Looking for somewhere to start?

The Modifiers aka Edit (Engine Management)

Edit. What is it?

Edit Mythbusters Updated Unlocking Edit Boxes

Second Hand Edits Some useful info

How Much Should I Pay For Custom Tune?

Why Buy A Flash Tuner? (FG)

Will Ford Know If We Flash Our Cars?

Engine and Mods

How To Change your Oil and Filter in a T

Barra 240t Engine Specs And Other Stuff

Synthetic Engine Oil, When did you start using it?

Cooling System Flush, Coolant turning brown and overheating?

Boost Solenoid Maintenance Brings back lost power

Why do I need bigger Injectors?

Injector Choice - FG

How To Install Sedan Fuel Pump

Turbo & BOV

Question About Psi, Turbo PSI!

Turbo Spin, Just keeps spinning

Turbo Oil Supply Screen Cleaning A how to.....

Removal Of Turbo In Preperation Of Porting And Valve Mod With Pics!!

Changing The Wastegate Actuator Why?

What is a BOV?

Venting the stock BOV

Turbo Flutter

Bov And Wastegate , Whats the difference?

Turbosmart BOV's

Manual Gearbox

Which Gbox & Why? 6 Speed Man Or 6 Speed Auto?

Which Clutch?

FG Short Throw Install

Auto Gearbox

DIY Diff Bush (BA)

4 Speed to 6 Speed Auto conversion (BA)

Manual V Auto Any feedback on performance difference (BA)

Beefing Up The ZF (BF)

Transmission Cooler Install

Fg F6 Trans Choice Age old debate, but.......

Cooling (Intercoolers)

Intercooler Reference Notes understand more about Intercoolers

How to remove the front bar and intercooler (with pictures) (BF)

Which Cooler? (FG)

Bar And Plate Vs. Tube & Fin which is better for street use?

How Much Kw Can A Stock I/C Cope With? (TT)

Hot side, Is it worth doing?

Overboost - Myths Facts

Wheels and Tyres

Tyre Pressures, What are your pressures?(Merged)

Rims And Tyre Guide what will and won't fit

Directional Tyres

Ba Tyres

Brakes and Suspension

Brake Shudder, Has anyone permanently fixed it?

What To Spend My Suspension $ On coil overs vs springs, shocks, sways, and bushes?

BRAKE SHUDDER ISSUE, General Discussion

Replacing Shocks And Springs

Suspension Options and Setup (BA/BF)


Hid Kit Install Pics included (BA)

How-to: Dimming Aftermarket Gauges With Dash Lights

Fog Lights, Convert to driving lights?

Tinting your tail lights

How To Install Angel Eyes

How To Change Headlight Globes For Philips Crystal Vision Globes

Paint and Panels

Colours The Definative Collection.

Interior: Dash, Audio, Steering Seating Etc.

Car Audio - Sound And Music Or More? Bit of a insite to audio.

How To: Dash Removal (BA)

Painting The Icc (BA/BF)

Changing Led's In Analogue Clock (BA)

Window Switch Led Installation Guide

How To Remove Centre Console (BA/BF)

Installing Tripod Gauges (BA/BF)

Steering Wheel Upgrade – Is It Worth It (BA/BF)

Premium Sound - How Good Is It? (BA/BF)

Mp3 Adapter Where does it go? (BA/BF)

Traction Control, How exactly does it work?

Traction Control, Want it off???

How to remove centre console (FG)

Exhaust and Differential

Is The Gt Diff The Same As The Xr6t?

The ratio's different, is the make...

Diff Whine, Have you heard it?

Exhaust Upgrade For Ba Na Xr6 Sedans, Turbo exhaust on a NA BA

Centre Muffler Removal is it worth it??

How much power will the standard Exhaust take?

Changing Ute Diff Oil

Sedan Diff Oil Change

Some Thread's You Might Enjoy (I know we did)

NOTE: Some of these threads are only viewable by donating members

Ford Performance Radials

Rogercordia Says Hellow

Should I Be A Mod Ramblings of a fool

660rwkw Bf F6 - Wog Tuned

What Is The Quickest Turbo Territory In The Country?

Dynowog Tunes Post your good and bad

Help! Whats Wrong With The Car?

Oh and don't forget to check out the Cruise Section

HERE for upcoming events in your state. thumbsup.gif


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Dillz has been working behind the scenes for the last month or so compiling this list of FAQs, some from existing and outdated lists, but mostly by trawling the sub-forums and picking out the most popular and useful threads.

The amount of work involved seems rather insignificant but is one hell of an effort. Well done Dillon. :blink:

Ideally this will be continually updated as models change and different ideas and concepts come about, so if you see something that's missing from the above post that you feel may be useful then add it to this thread and we'll keep the first post updated.

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Is there a how to change oil thread?, I thought I saw one somewhere but cannot find it maybe its on another site. Yes tried the search function but all I get is like every other post that has oil written in it.


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im so pround of myself, one of my threads made it to this list "what to spend my suspension $ on" good onya dillz top idea in compiling this list and alot of work and time put into it. should be a sticky on every page. :icon_ford:

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Hi mate,

Unfortunately last year when the forum was upgraded we lost some old threads in the changeover, I guess that must of been one of them.

I'll remove it from the list.

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Hey guys, I'm glad I stumbled upon your site! I'm a 1st time ford owner.. I just bout a 2004 ba mkII xr6 ute. I love it and wanna get some work done to it, where are the best places in qld? I live in toowoomba close to brissy. I want to know everything about my new car and just wondering if someone can point me in the right direction?

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Hey all, just bought a 2003 ba XR6T and am very happy with it. I'm keen to put in a pwr trans cooler as I want to avoid any potential problems. Most of the forums I've looked at have had the pictures removed as they are quite old. I want to make sure I do this right and so would really appreciate any advice regarding installation. Cheers in advance.

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