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Power Differences Between Shootout Modes

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In a previous thread I said that I would dyno my car in different shoout modes to show the power differences between them all.

On Saturday I will be dynoing my car in all of the Dyno Dynamics Shootout Modes.


I will also do a run in SHOOT 6F showing a slightly higher intake temp to show that having a higher intake temp does increase power.

I will post up the dyno sheets and results sometime on saturday...

If there is anything else you guys/girls would like to know or have a question about, dont hestitate to ask!!!

Stay Tuned for the results.


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not having a go at you spiko... the temp probe does play a pretty big part in how the dyno dynamics dyno calculates power and what power will come up onto the screen though. if the temp is less than t

In the end dynos are for tuning and roads are for power.

I was suprised to find out that having a higher intake temp will give a higher reading. I always thought it would be the other way around.

Can some explain why this is?

Has anyone ever put up a dyno sheet on here with a XR6t dyno'd in SHOOT 4 or SHOOT 4F?

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I dont think anyone has.

and im guessing that it has something to do with an environment correction in the dyno program itself.

im just doing it for sh*ts and giggles really and thought I would share it around.

have done my runs in shoot 4 and shoot 4f. only like 6 more modes to go.

then a run showing a whopping difference in temps.

I did a run first off in shoot 6f to make sure my car wasnt doing anything silly in the fuel and boost areas.

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oh yeh ive got a bit on...

then yeh, hopefully pilot pauls fg into the low 11's.

have done all modes up to and including shoot 6f. and im suprised with the power differences it has made.

I have and will be doing 2 runs in each shoot out mode. with the first run being at the exact same engine temp going by the temp gauge.

im not going to bother running it in the rotary modes..

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I was suprised to find out that having a higher intake temp will give a higher reading. I always thought it would be the other way around.

Can some explain why this is?

The car does not produce more power. Some dynos rely on the air intake probe sensor reading to give a atmoshperic correction factor, by placing this temp sensor in a hotter spot, the dyno will make a different correction factor.

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ok here are the results of my testing of my car's power output when run through all the shootout modes on a dyno dynamics dyno.

there was a fair power increase between all the modes!

I tried to keep each run at the same engine temp and each run loaded up on the dyno the same way.

I will let you be the judge of the results!!

no bullsh*t comments or piss taking!

I was not running my drag/dyno tune, so no comments about the power output either.

I did not swap tunes or adjust anything to affect the power output as ive got nothing to gain by doing so!


The difference difference in the way each power curve looks I can only put down to the difference between all the shootout modes. as I noticed with SHOOT 8 and SHOOT 8F that the car revved faster than what it did with all of the other shootout modes.

I hope ive shed a little bit of light for you all! enjoy and thanx for reading!

first run I did was in SHOOT 4 ( N/A 4 Cylinder front or RWD cars )


2nd run was done in SHOOT 4F. ( 4cyl Forced induction. turbo, supercharged or nitrous )


3rd run was in SHOOT 6. ( N/A 6 Cyl )


4th run was in SHOOT 6F. ( 6cyl Forced Induction. Turbo, Supercharged or Nitrous )


5th run was in SHOOT 8. ( N/A 8cyl )


6th run was in SHOOT 8F. ( 8cyl Forced Induction. Turbo, Supercharged or Nitrous)


7th run was in SHOOT 6F showing what a higher intake temp will do to the power that the dyno thinks the car is making. this intake temp is probably a little unrealistic, but nonetheless, having a higher intake temp will trick the dyno into thinking the car is producing more power.


And the last run I did was not done in any shootout mode, just normal ramp mode.


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So 26rwkw was "gained" simply by placing the intake temp probe in a warmer location. This is the very reason why dyno figures hold little water in the eyes of most serious racers. Only kids in bedrooms take them as gospel.

Well done Bogan.

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wow just realised you posted up the results. Nice work. I always thought that normal mode produces a much higher figure that shootout mode. Seems Im wrong unless there is more ability to fudge resuls in normal mode.

Oh and judging by your file no's looks like you car has done a few runs on that dyno...wow

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yes, it is quite easy to fudge the results in when the car isnt run in shootout mode!

it doesnt show the ambient and intake temps, as these should be a close to eachother as possible to get an accurate power figure.

and yeh, my car has seen some dyno time in its life!

have been going to the same workshop since the day I started modifying it!

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Damm. I should have ran my car in Shoot 6F and upped the intake temps.

Good stuff Boges. Now if only we could get you to run the same test's on all the dyno's across the country to show further variance's.

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Thanks for taking the effort to do this test.

It does surprise me that 6f is reading lower than 6. I had thought it was the other way around. Similarly 8f higher than 8.

Be aware that Dyno Dynamics can at any time revise their power calculation for any mode e.g 6f may read x% different after a software revision at any time.

I'm pretty sure that at a HPF dyno day (BVW2) when they took the newer software & dyno that it was stated that 6f was reading higher than the older software.

Another issue is that the value differences between the modes may vary at the different power levels. E.g for a stock car at around 200-200 there may not be much difference. At 400+ there may be larger differences.

Your 124mph is very good for a 323 6f value, and your power comes on early and holds to the redline, which is a very good result, and you should be very happy. I think there are guys that report a lot higher dd figures and who struggle to make that mph.


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