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KPM Motorsport

Kpm Track Day / Driver Training

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KPM Motorsport Trackdays

Next Trackday Mallala 2/9/2009

We are pleased to announce we will be holding our next private trackday/ driver training day in conjunction with Track Skill at Mallala circuit on September 2

The idea behind these events is firstly to have some fun in your car, here you can test it's limits legally and safely away from the public roads, speed limits, radars and cameras.

There are experienced race drivers on hand to offer advice and training throughout the day, so there is also plenty of opportunity to hone your driving skills.

We have also included some light competition in the way of time trials, this will give everyone a chance to find out if they really are quicker than their mates.

Spectators are allowed, and get free entry on the day, so bring your friends and family along for a great day out

A timetable of the days activities is listed below, if you would like to book for this or an of our other events please click here.Note you need to be registered and signed in to book.

Visit My Website

Trackday Timetable

(can be varied slightly to suit abilities)

9.00 Lecture, (all must attend)

Topics such as circuit safety, oversteer, understeer, braking, seating, steering, airbags etc

10.30 Scrutineering / removal of loose items, etc

10.45 Follow the leader exercise, Green group

11.15 Follow the leader exercise, Gold group

11.45 Green Group 10 mins laps (laps no drifting)

12.00 Gold Group 10 mins laps

12.15 Time trial through turn 1 (Wet) Green Group. 200m Drag with flying finish Gold Group

12.45 Time trial through turn 1 (Wet) Gold Group 200m Drag with flying finish Green Group

1.15 Lunch

2.00 Green Group 10 mins laps

2.15 Gold Group 10 mins laps

2.30 Timed Hot Lap Green Group

3.00 Timed Hot Lap Gold Group

3.30 Green Group 10 mins laps

3.45 Gold Group 10 mins laps

4.00 De-brief and Finish

All attending can trial in our sprint time event and place a time in the KPM Track Hereos Leaderboard.

This means your best recorded time for you and your car at Mallala that will be added to our website leaderboard.

KPM Track Day Heroes

When you come out next time you have a personal time to beat and see how much you have improved.

Positions are limited so be quick.

See You There

David Roscio

KPM Motorsport


KPM Motorsport

Pioneering, Building and Tuning Some of Australias Most Powerful BA-FG Fords.

Adelaides only Chrysler 300 and SRT Specialists




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plenty of opportunity to hone your driving skills.

bit like the clown in the blue r8??????????????????

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Hi all

KPM holds these days 2-4 times a year depending on response from public.

All that have come once report on how much fun it is.

The price of $280 is GREAT value for amount of fun and track time.

Most drivers have had more than enough track time by mid afternoon.

We hold these days to give the SA enthusiasts some sort of recreational motorsport ( no drag strip) safely and proffesionally with proper driver training in a safe enviroment. We are about proper driver and vehicle training and keeping the racing off the streets.

We encourage partners, teenage kids and anyone that has just recieved a road drivers licence to attend. The training recieved is invaluable and the fun on the track outweighs any need for stupid unskilled hooning on the street.

We only hold theses days as per demand so lets keep them happening.

Register and payment on website below.


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hey the track is awesome! watch out for that corner after the back straight! you can barely see it.. almost ran a Late model camira driver off the track :beerchug::spoton:

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