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I'm really liking Tyrant at the moment. Just finished the 5th episode and wished it went longer.

It took a couple of eps for me to warm up to it, but I find it really interesting.

It's not a series, but I love The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It's always entertaining.

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Utopia thorough 10/10.

The story is a bit out there and quirky but the cinematography is nothing short of outstanding kind of along the lines of Wes Anderson style of story and shooting.

Second series into its 3 episode, its a UK show so the series is only 6 episodes.

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Enjoyed the first 2 eps of You're The Worst Dags


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Am enjoying The Leftovers - instead of 90% of the worlds population disappearing/dying/missing/zombied type apocalypse that's been done before it's more along the lines of them dealing when 5% or the population randomly disappear. A fair few different themes running alongside one another.


And Perception (isn't new or anything outstanding, just a slight twist on the "everyday person helps the cops each week" stuff, but keeps me watching and haven't got sick of his imaginary friends yet)

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Watched a few episodes of Orange - gave up - lost whatever it was that had me in the first season.

Think it diluted itself starting to tell 20 different stories with each being a main character instead of 1 story with 20 different and interesting side characters or something.

Keep pulling myself back from starting Suits - really should take the plunge.

I'm actually going to look into Orange is the new Black soon, a lot of my mates rave about it. Watching True Detective at the moment and it's amazeballs!

Watching Suits is something you should put off no longer! Best.Show.EVER!!!

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Not enjoying season 4 of suits as much as the other ones..

But Spoiler alert:

Mike is gonna ********************************************************** ************************************************* ******************************************* *************************************************** ************************ ****************************** *************************************************

So that should make it better soon..

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