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Dog Cage For Xr6 Turbo Ute

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I am looking to buy a dog cage for my XR6 Turbo Ute Styleside Box. I haven't found any to buy off the net that suit a Styleside Box tray. There are plenty for flat trays.

Has anybody done this for their dog. BTW I own a Kelpie, shes a medium sized dog. After driving in the rain I thought I better give her some protection.

I am looking for something that provides protection from rain and heat.

Any idea's?

I may ahve to have something custom built as I don't really want to put a canopy on.



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Pretty sure you'll have to get something custom made. I'm half way through making a cage for a mate for a flat tray.



It would be pretty easy to make, and if you get one custom made you get what you want and you'll know it fits.

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Jesse Engineering on the Gold Coast makes custom cages for all style of utes!!!

www.jesseengineering.com.au or 0755253245

Excellant workmanship have been very pleased with the ones we purchased for our staffy's!!!!

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