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Hey guys...

Seeing as I've been a member for 3 years and only been on for less then 5 hours...

I felt it was in my best interest to donate...


Just done a PAYPAL donation

Transaction ID:



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Been here for a while now and found lots of good info, so I thought it was time to donate. Hope I can make some useful contributions someday.

Looking forward to meeting a few guys on the Toowoomba cruise this weekend :)

What's up with my avatar???


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Well done spic ...it feels good ...don't it ? hehe ...just thought I'd help keep the thread alive but also wondering how our hard working site supporters are faring ....are we ok on the money front, or do we need to go on a 'dash for cash' ?

p.s I'll get rid of this horrible avatar soon and get a pic of ye olde FG-T up here soon ....

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Silly question, I can't seem to find out what else I have to do to donate, all the threads on donating have links that don't seem to work anymore?

It's OK sorted it, should have looked along the top menu's first :)

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Yep - Adam, you're right. I slipped another donation into the group last night - it's the only way we run! So much pleasure gained (even just for the pics that Daggy posts... :popcorn: ) for such a measly couple of bucks!!

Come on guys - a tank of fuel costs $80 bucks - if everyone slips 20 bucks in we'll have a rock solid system that won't let us down - with safe data and happy mods!!!

Donate a twenty today!! :icon_ford:

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